Highlights of the Massey Ferguson MF 8700 S Tractor


The MF 8700 S is one of Massey Ferguson’s powerful and efficient farm tractors. It draws attention with its high power output and advanced technological features. This model offers a variety of engine options and can range from 260 to 405 horsepower. This provides enough power to provide high performance in your farming jobs. The MF 8700 S has the Dyna-VT transmission system. Thanks to its automatic variable gear ratios, it provides a smooth driving experience during acceleration and deceleration. The tractor has a modern and ergonomic cabin content. The user-friendly control panel, comfortable seats and large glass areas provide a comfortable work experience even during long working hours.


Massey Ferguson MF 8700 S
Massey Ferguson MF 8700 S


Other highlights of the Massey Ferguson MF 8700 S Tractor


The Massey Ferguson MF 8700 S is designed for maximum productivity in agricultural work. With its high payload, various ports and hydraulic outlets, you can easily connect various agricultural equipment. The tractor’s advanced hydraulic system provides fast and responsive control. This makes your various operations more efficient. The MF 8700 S is also equipped for safety measures. Stability control, braking systems and various safety features provide a safe working environment. The Massey Ferguson MF 8700 S is here to make your farming work more efficient with its powerful performance, user-friendly design and variety of features. I would also like to point out that the MF 8700 S is compatible with special equipment and accessories often used in the agricultural sector. For example, options such as front loader, double wheels or rear three-point linkages are available.

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