John Deere 4755 Tractor easily pulls the 6 meter Cultivator with its Big Tires

The John Deere 4755 is a powerful agricultural tractor produced by John Deere from 1988 to 1992. It belongs to the 55 series tractors and is designed for heavy-duty farm operations.


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Important specific features of the John Deere 4755 tractor


Engine: Equipped with a John Deere 7.6L six-cylinder 140 kW turbocharged diesel engine delivering approximately 188 horsepower. This engine provides reliable power and torque for demanding agricultural tasks.

Transmission: The 4755 tractor comes with a full power shift transmission with 15 forward and 4 reverse gears, allowing operators to select the appropriate speed for a variety of applications.

Power take-off (PTO): Features a 1000 RPM PTO that provides high power output for applications such as balers, mowers, and grain augers.

Hydraulics: The tractor offers a hydraulic system with a capacity of approximately 19 gallons per minute, allowing hydraulic equipment such as loaders and attachments to operate efficiently.


John Deere 4755 specific features
John Deere 4755 specific features


Other important features of the John Deere 4755 tractor


Cabin: The 4755 is equipped with a spacious and comfortable operator cab offering good visibility, ergonomic controls and a suspension seat for less operator fatigue during long working hours.

Traction and Steering: The tractor is equipped with a four-wheel drive system to provide better traction and maneuverability. It has a power steering feature that makes it easier to navigate tight spaces and corners.

Linkage and Lifting Capacity: The 4755 tractor comes with a three-point hitch system with a lifting capacity of approximately 10,000 kg, allowing the attachment of heavy equipment such as plows and planters.

Tire Options: Offers a variety of tire options, including standard agricultural tires or dual rear wheels, to suit different farming conditions and requirements.


John Deere 4755 features
John Deere 4755 features


John Deere 4755 Tractor Overview


The John Deere 4755 tractor is known for its durability, reliability and versatility. Suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications including field work, hauling and hauling. With its powerful engine and advanced features, it provides farmers with the ability to complete their tasks efficiently and maximize productivity on the farm.

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