The process of harvesting millions of tons of peanuts

The story of peanut butter harvest, one of the favorite foods of both athletes and healthcare professionals, reaching the consumer. We would like to talk about a long process that starts with planting and continues until packaging.


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Peanuts, like many other foods, are actually planted at the very beginning of spring. For good growth, it needs agricultural machinery and well-drained soil. If we skip the irrigation part of the job, in the harvest part, the peanuts need to dry in the field before being collected. Now it’s time for bombardment! If you ask what is shelling, it is the process of separating peanuts from the plant. When we roast the peanuts we obtain at high temperatures, we add flavor to them.


Peanut Harvest
Peanut Harvest


When we come to the industrial part of the business, this is the part that excites us the most because we need machines now. In factories, peanuts are turned into smooth paste with an industrial grinder. This paste is the main ingredient of peanut butter. In the next process, freshly ground peanuts are processed into packaging. Harvesting and processing millions of tonnes of peanuts requires significant infrastructure, machinery and coordination to ensure efficiency and quality. This process involves meticulous planning, adherence to safety standards, and sustainable farming practices to meet the demands of producing delicious peanut butter on a large scale.

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