Liebherr 974’s great features that do not fit on the roads with its wide structure


The Liebherr 974 is a powerful excavator designed for large-scale construction and mining projects. This machine adopts Liebherr’s high-quality and durable engineering solutions. Weighing around 90 tons, the Liebherr 974 can handle a large workload and has a large excavation and load carrying capacity. This excavator is equipped with a powerful engine that performs well even under harsh operating conditions. In addition, the Liebherr 974 has an ergonomic worker’s cab, which offers the operator a comfortable working environment. Equipped with advanced technologies, this excavator is designed to increase productivity. For example, you can excavate more precisely and optimize the material handling process thanks to precision control systems.


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The Liebherr 974 is also an environmentally friendly machine. While minimizing its environmental impact thanks to its fuel efficiency and emission reduction technologies, it does not compromise on its performance. The durability and reliability of the machine means it is designed for long-lasting use. Built to Liebherr’s quality standards, this excavator is designed to withstand tough working conditions. The Liebherr 974 excavator is a machine designed with Liebherr’s engineering expertise and innovative approach. It can offer customization options to suit your needs and will add value to you as a long-term investment.


Liebherr 974
Liebherr 974


The Liebherr 974 excavator can be used in construction, mining, infrastructure projects and many more industrial applications. The Liebherr 974 can also work with various attachments. For example, you can perform various tasks using different attachments such as digging bucket, hammer, jaw crusher. In addition, the Liebherr 974 is easy to maintain. The machine’s access and maintenance points are designed in a user-friendly way, which simplifies the operation and maintenance processes. The safety features of the machine have not been overlooked either. The Liebherr 974 is equipped with various safety systems to ensure the safety of the operator.

The Liebherr 974 excavator can provide you with a great advantage in your construction and mining projects with its high performance, durability and various application options. Thanks to its reliability and efficiency, you can shorten your project times and reduce your operational costs. Also noteworthy are the technological features of the Liebherr 974. For example, it is equipped with features such as smart sensors and automatic controls. In this way, you can manage operations more efficiently and minimize operator errors.


Liebherr 974
Liebherr 974


Now let’s look at the important specific information of the Liebherr 974 excavator.


The Liebherr 974 weighs about 90 tons.

A diesel engine is usually used as the power source.

The engine power of the machine can vary depending on the model and configuration, usually between 400 and 600 horsepower.

The maximum digging depth may vary depending on the attachment and application, but is usually between 7 and 10 metres.

The Liebherr 974 has a bucket capacity that usually ranges from 2.5 to 4.5 metres.

Maximum load carrying capacity may vary depending on operating weight and attachments, but is usually between 4 and 6 tons.

Liebherr 974 excavator generally works with hydraulic system and provides high performance thanks to its hydraulic power.

The mobility of the machine is available in tracked or wheeled versions. The tracked version provides greater stability and lifting capacity, while the wheeled version offers greater mobility and maneuverability.

The operator’s cabin offers a comfortable working environment with its ergonomic design. Wide viewing angles, user-friendly control panel and advanced ergonomics are designed for operator productivity and safety.

Liebherr 974 is equipped with advanced technology control systems. These give the operator more precise control and guidance. For example, speed control systems and automatic slope compensation features enable operations to be performed more efficiently and precisely.

The Liebherr 974 excavator is often used in large construction projects, mining operations, port operations and infrastructure work. It can perform reliably in a variety of ground conditions and can be used with suitable attachments for a variety of jobs.

In terms of safety, the Liebherr 974 excavator is equipped with a host of safety features such as an emergency stop system, preventive maintenance alerts and environmental sensors. These features prioritize operator and environmental safety.

In addition, the maintenance and service of the Liebherr 974 excavator is also an important issue. Liebherr provides extensive service globally with its customer support network. Expert technicians and original spare parts are provided for regular maintenance and service needs of the excavator.


Liebherr 974 tech
Liebherr 974 tech
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