Challenger MT875E Tractor details and specifications


MT875E is a powerful tractor from the Challenger brand. This tractor has a wide range of uses in the agricultural sector and is designed to facilitate farmers’ big jobs. The technical specifications of the MT875E are quite impressive. It has a powerful engine and thanks to its high traction power, it shows superior performance even in difficult terrain conditions. In addition, the tires with a large working surface are designed for better tracking in the field and less compaction of the soil. This tractor is equipped with a user-friendly control panel and allows you to adjust various settings with ease. In addition, equipped with modern technologies, the MT875E is equipped with automatic driving systems and advanced sensors for precision farming applications. In this way, you can manage your agricultural activities more efficiently and effectively. It is also important to note that the MT875E has an ergonomic design. You can be in a comfortable cabin for driving comfort. It is also compatible with a variety of implements and accessories, allowing you to customize the tractor to suit your needs.


Challenger MT875E
Challenger MT875E


Challenger MT875E Highlights

As the MT875E is a tractor that offers high power and durability, it performs impressively even under heavy workloads and tough terrain conditions. It can support you in agricultural operations such as plowing, sowing and harvesting and can increase your productivity. In addition, the reliability and quality of the Challenger brand is one of the reasons for choosing the MT875E. It provides long-term and trouble-free use thanks to its long-lasting parts and robust structure. Optional equipment of the MT875E includes front and rear hydraulic couplings, a high-capacity trailer hitch system, attachable rear PTO systems for various agricultural implements, and heavy-duty lift systems that increase rear lift capacity. These options allow you to use the tractor more versatile and help you get things done more efficiently.

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