Building bridges is much easier with the SLJ 900


Thanks to the SLJ 900, which is the production of a China-based company, it seems that the roads will be completed much faster in the future and thus national road construction developments will not be blocked. On the one hand, as we are all familiar with now, China continues to surprise us by building very large and fast vehicles in every respect. This gigantic machine, which we will talk about in our topic, was basically designed to perform bridge constructions in a faster process. If we talk about the working mechanism of this giant and very useful machine named SLJ 900, the system actually works with a very simple logic.

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SLJ 900 operating principle

The first thing we need to know about the SLJ 900 is that this machine can be easily adjusted according to the usage area by opening the neck support platforms and hydraulic arms. In the next stage, a slide support is added on the same platform. In this way, the SLJ 900 can easily move back and forth between beams that are far apart from each other. In this way, the vehicle carrying the crossing part of the bridge can easily achieve this when it comes to the place where it needs to be lowered. Until the bridge construction is completed, this wonderful giant vehicle continues to move back and forth using the beams on the bridge, and the process repeats itself.

SLJ 900 working
SLJ 900 working

Technicial Specifications

Contrary to its gigantic appearance, the SLJ 900 weighs around 580 tons. The total length of this giant and wonderful vehicle that makes work easier is 91.44 meters and its width is measured as 7.31 meters. Again, there are 64 wheels in the design that allows this vehicle to move. In fact, considering that the vehicle consists of 4 main compartments, there are 16 wheels per main compartment. In addition to these wheel features, each section can turn within itself with 90-degree angles. In this way, more symmetrical movements can be easily achieved.

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