Ezraider electric scooter does not recognize obstacles


If you love Scooters, you will love this vehicle. Ezraider seems to excite you with its strong-looking structure, unobstructed wheels and reassuring stance. Developed by Israeli experts, the Ezraider looks like a scooter from the future. When looking at the Ezraider Scooter for the first time, the big and wide wheels that give superior driving ability even in aggressive off-road situations draw attention. At the same time, the Ezraider design provides the driver with high stability and thus safety. The manufacturer, on the other hand, presents its users with three different models. The most prominent of these models can be called the Ezraider hd4 model.

Ezraider hd4 electric scooter model

Ezraider hd4 stands out from other models with its increased engine power and ability to carry up to 200 kilograms. The manufacturer suggests that it can even be used with a trailer for this model. They mention that especially in mountainous terrains, with the trailer support at the back, much more efficient performance can be obtained in these terrains than normal use. In this state, its design looks like a mini pickup truck when viewed from the outside.



Some technical features that stand out in general

The most distinctive feature of the Ezraider scooter is the unique patented suspensions and hydraulic brakes on each wheel. At the same time, its foldable design makes it easy to carry. As you may have guessed, Ezraider is an electric vehicle and can travel an average of 75 kilometers on a single charge. Moreover, the advantages of this scooter have been approved by the Israeli army. After the tough tests carried out here, the US army also showed interest in the vehicle. You must have all wondered about the price of this scooter. We wanted to write it down here, yes, the price is about 19 thousand dollars. This is actually a serious price. What do you think, please share your opinion about the Ezraider electric scooter in the comments.


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