Bale packing with Multipack C14


This packaging tool, named Multipack C14, is a bale packer designed and developed by Arcusin company, which has taken its final form today. Things seem pretty easy in the field with this awesome bale wrapper. Moreover, thanks to the Multipack C14, money and time spent at the work site can be saved equally. In this sense, it is an undeniable fact that the Multipack C14 provides benefits to its users in every sense.


In the design of this machine, there is an improved method that promises easy use. Thanks to this improved method, Multipack C14 promises its users an uninterrupted and efficient working process in the packaging field. With this improved design, it seems pretty easy to handle this machine. A single operator can operate the entire machine alone without assistance. In fact, its mechanics and working principle are so easy that you don’t even need to be trained by someone to solve the machine at first use and to master all its functions.

Multipack C14 Design
Multipack C14 Design

In the Multipack C14, everything necessary for the user to see the outside clearly as well as the comfort inside the cabin has been considered. In this way, a single operator can handle the whole process alone, as he can see the outside quite easily. The benefits of the Multipack C14 are not limited to this, of course. For example, it is not necessary to make frequent corrections during bale packaging. In addition to many problems experienced during bale packaging, this wonderful machine also guarantees more work and time savings to the user.

Multipack C14 What’s the difference?

When we look at the market today, the prominent features according to the bale supporters are ease of use, very simple management, and very skillful maneuvering. It can be listed as the continuity it shows during the work.

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