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In this article, we have prepared a list that you can say that you can live in this truck when you see it from the outside and look inside the cabin. This expectation can of course vary from person to person. In parallel with this situation, truck developers introduce cabins of the same model with multiple different features. In the truck to live in, it is enough for some to have a big bed, while others think that the sofa set should even be a television. It wouldn’t be bad to have a TV. These issues, of course, are actually considered in order for the driver to have better quality opportunities during waiting times. As a result, sometimes it may be necessary to live in these vehicles for months due to work.

1- Freightliner Classic

In 2015, the world’s first self-driving truck was introduced and launched in the USA. Daimler, one of the leading companies in the German automobile industry, undertook the production of this vehicle. Freightliner Classic, apart from its advanced technological features and stylish design, also attracts attention with its spacious and comfortable cabin design. Thanks to this cabin and the advanced technological radar system of the vehicle, the driver of the truck can both travel and have a pleasant time on the road without stress.

Freightliner Classic
Freightliner Classic

1.2- Freightliner Classic, Cabin features of the truck

First-class white leather is preferred for the upholstery of the soft seats in the cabin. The cabin floor is completely decorated with wood material. Moreover, there is enough free space in the cabin for the driver to store his belongings. So much so that you can store your files in the large foldable workspace. If you want, you can easily handle your work on the laptop in this area.

2- Freightliner Cascadia

It took 8 years to modify and develop this vehicle. It is possible to say that the cabin of the vehicle is quite comfortable. In fact, it contains all modern standards in terms of interior design. The interior design is not only attractive, but there are highly functional features in the interior design.

Freightliner Cascadia
Freightliner Cascadia

2.1- Freightliner Cascadia, Cabin features of the truck

Freightliner Cascadia promises the driver a pleasant journey on long roads with its wide beds, comfortable seats and table. It takes only 10 seconds to unfold the foldable relaxation area, resulting in a beautiful bed. There is also an LCD TV, a refrigerator and a microwave oven in the cabin. In order to go up to the bunk bed, there is a ladder with LED lighting that can be integrated into each other. The brightness value of the LED lighting in the cabin is fully adjustable. Thanks to this lighting system, it can seem as if there is daylight in the cabin later in the night.

3- Renault T480

The cabin of this truck allows the driver to access everything he may need on the long haul. Moreover, it is the fact that it offers the user the comfort of a home. There are multiple lockable storage spaces in the cabin. These storage areas are usually located on the walls where the driver can easily access them. There are handy drawers on the edge of the bunk beds in the cabin, where items that need to be ready for use at any time can be stored, such as small bottles. Next to the driver’s seat is a coffee cup holder, which is indispensable for long journeys, and just below the seat is a small compartment designed for use in emergencies.

Renault T480
Renault T480

3.1- Renault T480, Cabin features of the truck

The manufacturers of this truck state that they consider the interior design of the cabin like a home and even eat comfortably here. Next to the compact refrigerator is a folding and expandable dining table for this purpose. In addition to all these, the interior temperature value of the cabin can be adjusted instantly by the driver. Thanks to its quality radio system and relaxing LED lights, this truck promises its users a comfortable and relaxing environment. Moreover, there are many sockets and USB inputs in the cabin.

4- Peterbilt 579 Ultra Loft

Peterbilt is a cabin equipped with features that allow two people to sleep comfortably and even live in this truck. Peterbilt stands out in its class with its comfortable cabin and advanced innovative features. It is said that while the technological improvements of the truck are being made, in addition to the engineers, the opinions of the truck drivers are also consulted. In fact, most of the cabin design was completed in line with the information given by the drivers.

4.1- Peterbilt 579 Ultra Loft, Cabin features of the truck

In the spacious cabin of the truck, there are specially designed storage chambers for the drivers to store their belongings. There is enough space to stand in the cabin. The width of the bunk bed in the cabin is exactly 203 cm. If a single person will travel, the second bed can be canceled and this compartment can be used for storage. In order to provide easy access to the bunk bed, there is a ladder system with led lights inside the cabin. In addition to all these features, there is a 32-inch TV and even a 31-liter microwave oven in the vehicle.

5- Daf CF & XF

The job of truck drivers is actually much more difficult than it is thought. For this reason, engineers working in the automotive industry have not only been trying to improve technical parameters in recent years. At the same time, they work to enable truck drivers to drive more comfortably. So much so that when you take a look at the instrument panel without knowing that this vehicle is a pickup truck, you may think that this vehicle is a special car. DAF Developers have added many innovative features to the trucks they designed in order to create the perfect vehicle for both work and rest.

Daf CF & XF
Daf CF & XF

5.1- Daf CF & XF, Cabin features of the truck

Compared to different brands, it is very easy to reach the driver’s cabin thanks to the wide step ladders this truck has. Manufacturers specifically state that this truck’s interior volume of almost 13 cubic meters is larger than its competitors. There is an improved ventilation system in the vehicle that allows to change the ambient temperature with a few touches. The control panel is located right next to the driver. In this way, it is ensured that unwanted accidents that may occur due to distraction are prevented. In order to be more useful, there is another one from the same control panel just behind the driver’s cabin.

6- Volvo FH16

We could talk non-stop for a whole day about the benefits of this great truck. VOLVOL FH16, There is a customizable lighting system, a high-tech sound system, a foldable mini table that can be used for working or eating.

Volvo FH16
Volvo FH16

6- Volvo FH16, Cabin features of the truck

The driver’s seat can be rotated 360 degrees in any direction. If the seat is desired to be turned into a bed, it is designed to be very easy to adjust. Just below the sleeping compartment, there is a large-volume storage chamber for storing items. Thanks to the perfect design in the cabin, the driver can reach everything he wants with minimum effort without getting tired. The fact that the cabin is equipped with accessories such as television and bedside lighting allows drivers to spend more quality time while waiting.

7- Volvo VNL 2018

You will notice that VOLVO VNL 2018 is bigger than other trucks on the market, even when viewed from the outside without any calculations. Pay particular attention to the ergonomic operating area. So much so that protruding corners and parts are not particularly used in the design. The resting area, especially designed for drivers to sleep, has an impressive size. Moreover, although it is very large, it certainly does not create a bulky image. In fact, it is worth saying that the design looks very comfortable. The manufacturer underlines that it is produced in different sizes different from the truck cabin. Of course, the size of the bed compartment in these cabins also varies. The company claims that even though the sizes vary, they all have the same comfort.

volvo VNL 2018
volvo VNL 2018

7.1- Volvo VNL 2018, Cabin features of the truck

In the interior design of VOLVO VNL 2018, there are many additional storage compartments that allow vehicle drivers to take all their belongings with them during long journeys. It is thought to be kept in these chambers, including clothes. There is even a microwave oven in the cabin, from the refrigerator. It is possible to say very clearly that you can even continue your life in this truck. If the largest cabin is preferred, there is a sofa set and enough space in the table in this cabin. In this way, drivers can enjoy themselves in their own small living room between journeys.


The cab of this German-made truck has long been known for its compliance with all comfort standards on the market. Moreover, MERCEDES-BENZ states that it produces seven different cabs for the same truck. Each cabin has its own charm and each cabin has many different features.



Among the MERCEDES-BENZ, ACTROS, Cabin models, the most striking one is the Megaspace name. The interior height of this cabin measures exactly 1.92 meters and its height is 2.26 meters. Since it has enough space for two people to sleep comfortably, two people can comfortably spend the entire journey together in the vehicle.

8.2- MERCEDES-BENZ, ACTROS, Cabin features of the truck

The seats in the cabin have a completely orthopedic design. In addition to these seats, it may be desirable to install head restraints. In fact, thanks to the additional storage chambers added to the cabin, it allows him to carry all his important belongings with him throughout the journey. It is located in a high-security area that allows you to safely store some money in the design. Another advantage of the vehicle is the presence of a 25-liter refrigerator. MERCEDES-BENZ, ACTROS Design, in short, all possible details have been added to make it comfortable. In fact, there is even a shaving mirror from a towel rack in the truck.

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