222 Ton Caterpillar 794AC dump truck

Let’s try to learn about all the features of the Caterpillar 794 AC series dump truck, which Caterpillar has started mass production as of 2019. The net load of the Caterpillar 794 AC Dump Truck is 291 tons and its own weight is 222 tons.


YouTube video


First of all, a dump truck with this weight needs a powerful engine to move. Caterpillar seems to be very generous in putting the engine it needs in the dump truck, using its own production C175-16 type engine, which produces 2561 kW of power, and this engine also allows the dump truck to reach a speed of 60 km per hour. When we look at the dimensions of the Caterpillar 794 AC Dump Truck, it again reveals its size with its length of 15.46 m, width of 8.74 m and height of 8.02 m.



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