Rescue of Dump Truck Falling into Water Channel with Hitachi Zaxis 210LCH Excavator

We cannot help but say that we enjoyed watching the rescue operation of the dump truck that fell into the water canal with the Hitachi Zaxis 210LCH Excavator. Was Hitachi Zaxis 210LCH Excavator successful in saving the Truck?


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Rescuing a dump truck that fell into a water canal
Rescuing a dump truck that fell into a water canal


Big truck and trailers driving job must have special insurance, and tools , to expect the unexpected !


Now you are back from your jolly, back to work
Great to see you complete the van and you have done a cracking job on it. Still think you’ve undersold your self on the price but you are happy with it so be it. On to the next one. ( Range Rover )


It’s awesome. I like, press follow and leave a small item.


Check the transmission should be in neutral and maybe the front tires should be turned to the left in order to make it easier.


I think the dude in the weird hat is the truck driver. Kinda fits. Kept waiting for the Hitachi to go over on the truck.


The video is awesome the excavator operator did amazing great job keep up the hard work.


They’re going to be able acquire some technical support to remove sand from the dump lorry. They are working too slow.


I can’t believe the level of skill and control the operator has over this excavator. It’s a true testament to his expertise


This is exactly why you need a rotator recovery truck for such jobs. Job would’ve been done in 2hrs tops, just in time for the driver to go deliver that load.


When you dont want to pay for a Auto-Truck Crane to take it out for 2-3 hours and you think with the excavator and this amateur operator will be more cheap 😀


In order to fill the ditch, would be for the lorry driver to tip the load in the textbook mannor. Keep truck on the hard pack, undo the the tail gate and lift the body with a few more strong people.Nevermind the hydraulics. Then move truck away so the digger can scoop the load into the ditch in an orderly way. I think the lorry driver was a bit confused?

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