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I think it would not be wrong to say that robots have now entered a form with emotions. Technological developments, advances in artificial intelligence, and when we look at all of them, it is not sincere not to think that robots can even rule in the future. What about robots that can cut anything? Of course there is. Here comes Carrara Robotics!

Carrara was designed as a cutting robot, and giving the desired size and shape to a huge marble is much easier with this wonderful robot. It can make such agile movements during cutting that it is truly incredible that it moves easily as if cutting a snow mass. This wonderful robot also easily cuts and shapes not only marble but also all kinds of rock pieces. Although a robot that can cut anything may sound a little scary, when you observe the working system of the robot, you will observe that there is nothing scary about it, on the contrary, how fun it is.

Usage area

Carrara is often preferred to give beautiful and interesting shapes to marbles. It is estimated that it is widely and most commonly used in the cutting of many different materials, especially in the marble sector. It can be said that the biggest factor in the formation of such a widespread usage frequency is that it accelerates the marbles, which are planned to be made with much longer and labor costs, in meeting the orders of their customers.

Carrara Robotics features
Carrara Robotics features

Carrara Robotics Features

There are diamond-coated wires in the cutting mechanism of the robot. The wires reach incredible speeds with the help of rollers and move according to the desired shape around the marble. With these fast moving wires, cutting of many various materials, especially marble, can be carried out with ease. It is not necessary to be an expert in these works to understand that the smooth result that comes out with a single command without any effort is great. Because the image is really perfect.

Carrara Robotics usage area
Carrara Robotics usage area
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