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The problem of the Car Heater Not Working is asked a lot, especially in winter. In fact, there are many different reasons for this problem. Well, what is the problem of the car not heating the heater, what is the solution? Here are all those who are curious about these and similar questions!

One of the indispensable systems of winter months is heaters. The heaters, which provide comfortable travel, can sometimes fail to work. A standard heating system runs on cooling water. The heat generated while the engine is running is removed by the coolant circulating in the channels. The heat transferred to the coolant is thrown away by the radiator. Water-cooled systems have double radiators. The heated water of the coolant is transferred from one radiator to another. The transferred radiator uses this for the heating system.

If the heating system blows cold, it means that there has been a mishap in this cycle. The most common problem that can occur in the heating system is the clogging of the radiator. Radiator clogging is common, especially in older cars. In addition, if the drivers use poor quality antifreeze and pure water, clogging may occur again. As a solution to this, drivers can use radiator cleaner. These chemicals are very effective in light blockages. In a short time, your radiator will open and your vehicle will start blowing hot. In heavy blockages, different solutions should be tried.

The most well-known of these is cleaning with pressure devices applied in services. First of all, the clogged radiator is removed. The opener connects to the device. Then a cleaning liquid is passed through it. Care should be taken when applying this method, which is quite successful. If the pressure is not adjusted well, the radiator may be damaged. Cracks may form inside. After the radiator is connected to its original place, it may start to leak. For this reason, we recommend that you carefully examine the company you choose.

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Why Doesn’t My Car Heater?

If the vehicle does not heat the heater, the main reasons for this are;

  • Heater valve may be faulty
  • Valve control equipment may be damaged
  • The radiator may be clogged.
  • Heating pipes may have been damaged during LPG installation.
  • Connections may be made incorrectly during LPG installation.

Most of these problems are valid for old model vehicles. Today, systems in vehicles are controlled with the help of sensors. Possible faults are displayed on the trip computers. Air conditioning systems are now compact systems that take up as much space as a single box. In order to understand whether one of these problems exists in old vehicles, the reactions of the vehicle should be examined.

First of all, you need to check the temperature when your car blows cold. Since the vehicle’s heater system is dependent on engine fluid, the incoming air will not be hot if the temperature is low. In cases where the temperature is around 40-50, the heater will blow the most warm air. Try starting the heater after the vehicle has moved a little. If the vehicle is blowing cold even though the temperature rises, the problem may be in the thermostat at this point.

There will be no other choice but to go to the service center and replace the thermostat. When you turn on the heater, hot air may come from some cores and cold air from some cores. This indicates that some of the honeycombs are clogged. If you have knowledge about vehicles, you can remove and clean the clogged cores. If you want, you can have the same cleaning process done in the services. If some of the heater cores continue to blow cold, it means that the cores need to be changed.

The Car’s Heater Not Working What is the Solution?

Cold air coming in when you turn on the heater can be caused by heavy or light problems. Mild problems may be due to congestion or pollution. Serious problems are usually caused by errors in the system. Improper LPG installation is seen especially when LPG is installed at unauthorized points. It happens as a result of fitting the newly added parts to the system in the wrong connection points. In this case, it is necessary to enter an authorized service as soon as possible. After disconnecting and reconnecting the connections, the problem will be completely fixed. Another problem that may occur is the failure of the circulation pump.

This pump allows the coolant to circulate inside the engine. Failure of this pump will cause the vehicle to overheat. It will also prevent the heated water from reaching the radiator. Since water does not reach the radiator, only cold air will come because the heater is turned on. The only solution for this situation is to replace the pump. When the pump is changed, it will continue to work for a long time without any problems. One of the problems that can be seen is the presence of air in the heating system. 

The most common symptom seen when there is air is the sound of water whistling when the gas is pressed. After the system is bled, the system will run smoothly. Today, such problems are almost not seen in vehicles anymore. Because the air conditioning systems used in today’s vehicles are much more advanced. Some vehicles have electrical resistance systems. The air taken from outside is passed through this system and distributed inside the vehicle with the help of electronic fans. In this article, we have given detailed answers to the problem of the car’s heater not heating!

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