Feel the power with the TIGERCAT 1075B


Tigercat 1075B is a very powerful machine designed and manufactured for tough roads. The machine is so powerful that it can easily carry between 15 and 20 tons of wood load from one place to another. Thanks to the Caterpillar pallet, it can easily go wherever it wants, no matter what obstacles are in front of it.

Use in agriculture

Tigercat 1075B has two arms with strong blades known for their high durability. These bladed arms are located side by side just behind the machine. Thanks to these strong blades, it is generally preferred to prepare the soil for planting again. Positioned at the rear of the Tigercat 1075B, these wonderful arms do incredible work in agricultural fields. With these wonderful arms, the upper surface and lower surface of the soil, which has lost its fertility, are mixed together. In this way, the bush on the soil is purified. The earth begins to breathe and light. Sufficient space is opened to take water and minerals for the soil that is purified from excesses. With the use of machines with blades such as the Tigercat 1075B, healthier plants can be grown and the production process can be revitalized.

Loading and unloading

Another area of use for the TIGERCAT 1075B is cranes and grapples with high capacities. With these giant grippers, it is possible to load gutters in the forest in large proportions at once. With these wonderful grippers that can move 180 degrees, it makes it possible to load much easier even in difficult terrain conditions by making stylish maneuvers.

Tigercat 1075B As can be seen, it is a machine that provides ease of use for different purposes by changing its apparatus according to the purpose of purchase. The most important feature of the machine can be said that it can move easily in difficult terrain conditions with the powerful pallets that come into play here.

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