Dacia Malfunction Lamps And Their Meanings 2023


Dacia malfunction lamps consist of different warnings and symbols. Dacia brand vehicles have achieved very high sales figures in our country in recent years. The instrument panels of these vehicles, which are enjoyed by the drivers, are equipped with simple and understandable symbols. These symbols illuminate in case of possible malfunctions and warn the driver. Many of the symbols used in Dacia models are common. These symbols are below;

A seated person with a diagonal stripe on it ; It is a light that illuminates when the seat belt is not fastened. It only covers the seat belts of the driver and the adjacent seat. The sign goes out when these seat belts are fastened.

The seated person with the circular shape of the front ; It is a light that illuminates when the airbag is activated. Flashes once when the vehicle is started. If it stays on, there may be a fault in the airbag system.

Key sign in the middle of the vehicle ; It is a sign that the immobilizer system is faulty. The vehicle’s computer may not be able to detect the key. The driver should try the key several times and if it doesn’t work, call the service.

Doors open vehicle sign ; This symbol illuminates when one of the vehicle’s doors is open. If the doors are closed, one of them may not be fully closed. The driver must make sure that all the doors are fully engaged.

Tailgate open vehicle sign ; It is a light that illuminates when the tailgate is not properly seated. The driver must make sure that the tailgate is closed.

Dacia Malfunction Lamps Meanings

When it comes to Dacia malfunction lamps and their meanings, we mostly see; universal symbols emerge. Drivers will not have any difficulties as most of the symbols it uses are also on different brands. Fault signs are usually red. Thus, it can attract the attention of the driver more easily.

Among the Dacia fault lamps, oil change, maintenance warning and engine fault lamps are the most important. The driver should go to the service as soon as possible when any of these malfunction lamps come on. Otherwise, the vehicle’s systems may be damaged.

Fuel pump sign ; It is a sign that the vehicle is running out of fuel. It usually starts to burn after 7 liters of gasoline remain in the vehicle. The driver should refuel as soon as possible.

exclamation mark next to the steering wheel ; This is a sign that the electronic steering system is faulty. The driver should be careful as driving the vehicle can be dangerous.

AFLS text ; It is a sign that the adaptive front lighting system is faulty. It can endanger driving safety.

Snowflake sign on the road ; It is a sign that lights up when the air temperature is at low values. It activates to warn the driver of bad road conditions.

SET text ; It is a sign that lights up when cruise control is active. It turns off when the system is inactive.

Warehouse sign ; It is a sign that is active when the fuel filter is dirty. The driver should go to the workshop as vehicle performance will be adversely affected. It goes out after the fuel filter is cleaned or replaced.

Battery mark ; This symbol illuminates when the battery is exhausted or there is a fault in the electrical system. The driver must be careful as the electrical system can cause serious problems.

Dacia Duster Malfunction Lamps

Many of the symbols used on the Duster brand are the same as on other models. Unlike other vehicles, some of the symbols found in the Duster model are as follows;

ECO lettering ; illuminates when the economy driving mode is active. When it is inactive, the text goes out.

Exclamation mark in parenthesis at the bottom ; It is a sign that lights up when the pressure of any of the tires is low. Tires should be checked as the vehicle may pull in different directions. If there is a damaged tire, it should not be moved without replacing it.

Twisted wire sign ; Available in diesel models. It comes on when one of the glow plugs is faulty.

Dacia Dokker Malfunction Lamps

The markings on Dokker models, unlike other models, are as follows;

wrench sign; It starts to illuminate in the event of a fault in the vehicle’s electrical system.

Downhill vehicle sign; Indicates that the descent control system is active. If it is not lit, the system is not working.

Red suspension sign; indicates a fault in the suspension systems. The driver must drive the vehicle carefully. 

Line and arrow in the middle of the rectangle; Indicates that the ventilation filter is clogged or has failed. The filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Dacia Sandero Malfunction Lamps

Some of the symbols on Sandero brand vehicles are different from other models in terms of appearance. When Dacia malfunction lamps come to the fore, signs similar to the following and their meanings appear;

Electrographic sign in the display ; It is a sign that there is an electrical problem. It was used instead of the English sign.

Round sign in square ; is the immobilizer sign. Lights up when there is a fault. Used instead of key sign.

diagonal stripe on circle around mark A ; It is an illuminated sign when the stop start system is inactive.

We have included what you wonder about Dacia fault lamps in this article!

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