Flying with Kalashnikov Hover Bike


Kalashnikov, a Russian defense company, designed and developed a flying vehicle, which he defined as the Hover Bike. This vehicle can really fly and do great maneuvers in the air. 8 propellers in the design come into play for the take-off of this vehicle that can travel on land and in the air, made by the Kalashnikov company. Moreover, one of the most important issues is that fuel is not used in this vehicle. In fact, the battery is positioned in such a way that it is very difficult to even understand that it is working with a battery. It is said that the developed and future version of this vehicle may even be used in the army in the future. The Kalashnikov company is already well known for the vehicles and equipment it has produced for the defense industry. However, this aircraft looks less scary compared to other vehicles produced by the Kalashnikov company.

Kalashnikov Hover Bike Usage area

The Kalashnikov company is generally known as a company that produces military vehicles. This vehicle, which comes up with the name of Hover Bike, seems to be a fun vehicle that people can use to meet their daily needs. Work continues on an autonomous driving capability with artificial intelligence in the future.

Kalashnikov Hover Bike usage area
Kalashnikov Hover Bike usage area

Technical specifications

This flying vehicle named Kalashnikov Hover Bike is controlled by a joystick. This aircraft, which has 2 wheels on each corner, has a total of 8 propellers. The battery of the electric vehicle is located under the driver’s seat. It is known that the vehicle’s ability to move autonomously is being studied. Artificial intelligence technology is considered in this tool, as it makes great efforts to add it to its inventory in all its other tools. When we look at the extent of technology today, it is seen that the autopilot feature other than the normal driving mode of the vehicles has started to become a necessity. Who wouldn’t want a small vehicle that can both fly and move automatically and can meet all their needs faster.

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