Liebherr T-284, mining truck with a load capacity of 400 tons


The Liebherr T-284 is an industry-leading mining truck. This gigantic vehicle with an incredible carrying capacity is known as a very valuable tool in the mining industry. The Liebherr T-284 is equipped with a number of features such as interactive control systems, high performance engines and durable body construction. These features help it carry heavy loads with ease and provide the highest level of productivity in harsh working conditions.


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This amazing truck has a load capacity of 400 tons and performs very well even on hard floors. In addition, thanks to its high-speed transport feature, you can make your mining operations faster and more efficient. Liebherr T-284 has a user-friendly design and has an ergonomic interior for operators to use it comfortably. It is also equipped with advanced technologies so you can further optimize your operations.

The energy efficiency of this truck is also an important feature. Thanks to its advanced technology engines and fuel-saving systems, you can minimize your fuel costs. It also offers an environmentally friendly option with emission reduction technologies.

The Liebherr T-284 is built with the quality and reliability of the industry-leading brand, Liebherr. This gives you long-lasting performance and lowers your maintenance costs. The Liebherr T-284 also has important features in terms of security. It is equipped with technologies such as advanced safety systems and automatic braking feature. This keeps operators and other personnel safe and meets occupational safety standards.


Liebherr T-284
Liebherr T-284


In addition, the Liebherr T-284 is easy to maintain and service. Thanks to its remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, you can monitor the vehicle’s status in real time and predetermine your maintenance needs. This helps prevent failures and increases your business continuity. This truck offers excellent traction and maneuverability even in difficult terrain conditions. In addition, it is fully customizable and can be configured to suit different mining operations.

Liebherr T-284 offers a number of features to improve the user experience. These include a smart control panel, integrated navigation system, voice command support and in-car connectivity options. These features enable operators to work more efficiently and facilitate communication. Thanks to its customer satisfaction-oriented approach, the services offered by the Liebherr T-284 to its customers are also quite comprehensive. Liebherr has an extensive service network and provides seamless support in the supply of spare parts worldwide. In addition, it offers continuous technical support with its trained technical team.




Now let’s move on to the specific features! Important specific features of the Liebherr T-284 are:


Payload, the Liebherr T-284 has an impressive 400-ton payload. It can safely carry heavy loads and make your mining operations more efficient.

Engine power, This truck is equipped with a high performance engine. Its engine provides high torque and power and provides excellent traction even in difficult terrain conditions.

Body structure, Liebherr T-284 has a durable body structure. It offers solid and stable performance even on hard floors.

Automatic braking system, This feature is important for safety. Thanks to its automatic braking system, the truck can reduce its speed in emergency situations and protect your safety.

Intelligent control panel, Liebherr T-284 is equipped with a user-friendly intelligent control panel. It gives operators easy access to the vehicle and helps them control functions easily.

Fuel efficiency, the Liebherr T-284 features advanced fuel-saving technologies. This reduces your fuel costs and increases your environmental impact.

Emission reduction technologies The Truck has emission reduction technologies to be an environmentally friendly option. This increases your environmental impact and reduces your impact on the environment.

Remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, Liebherr T-284 is a tool with remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. These features allow you to monitor the status of the vehicle in real time and quickly diagnose potential problems.

Integrated navigation system The Truck is equipped with an integrated navigation system. This feature helps operators plan their routes more easily and efficiently.

Voice command support, Liebherr T-284 offers voice command support. With this feature, operators can free their hands to control the truck and get things done faster.

Communication options, Truck offers in-vehicle connectivity options. This feature allows operators to easily communicate with other team members and increases collaboration.


Liebherr T-284 tech
Liebherr T-284 tech
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