Giant 120 Ton Liebherr 984 Excavator


Liebherr 984 is an excavator model manufactured by Liebherr company. This model is designed for use in heavy construction or mining projects. The 984 model is known for its high performance and durability and is often preferred for large-scale jobs. his excavator is equipped with a powerful engine and a large bucket capacity, allowing it to excavate quickly and efficiently. It also features features such as an ergonomic operator station and advanced control systems, allowing operators to work comfortably and safely.


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Thanks to its powerful hydraulic systems, the Liebherr 984 can lift heavy loads and perform large excavations with ease. Also, thanks to the advanced technology in this model, fuel efficiency has been increased, helping to lower operating costs. Liebherr 984 can also be used in harmony with various additional equipment and accessories. For example, you can easily change buckets or other attachments for different jobs, thanks to quick-change systems. It can also be equipped with a variety of optional equipment, allowing you to customize your work.


Liebherr 984
Liebherr 984


Let’s take a look at the technical specifications of the Liebherr 984


Engine, The Liebherr 984 is equipped with a powerful diesel engine. Engine power and other technical details may vary depending on the variants of the model.

Excavation Capacity, The standard bucket capacity on this model usually ranges from 4 to 6 cubic meters. However, customizable and different bucket options are available.

Operating Weight, The operating weight of the Liebherr 984 varies depending on variants of the model and additional equipment. It is usually found in a range ranging from 80 to 100 tons.

Dig Depth, This model has impressive performance in terms of digging depth. The Liebherr 984 typically offers an excavation depth of 6 to 8 metres. However, this depth can be increased even more thanks to accessories and customization options.

Lifting Capacity, This excavator offers high lifting capacity due to its powerful hydraulic systems and durable construction. Typically, the 984 model has a lifting capacity of between 50 and 60 tons.

Operator Station, The Liebherr 984 is equipped with an ergonomic operator station. Wide glass surfaces, comfortable seats and advanced control systems provide a comfortable working environment for the operator.


Liebherr 984 tech
Liebherr 984 tech


The hydraulic system of the Liebherr 984


Pump System, Model 984 uses high-capacity hydraulic pumps to ensure high efficiency and provide sufficient hydraulic power for powerful digging and lifting operations.

Control Valves, Excavator hydraulic control valves are equipped with advanced technology to precisely control flow and pressure. This allows the operator to perform the precise movements required by the job.

Cylinders and Pistons, The hydraulic system of the Liebherr 984 is equipped with durable cylinders and pistons. These cylinders and pistons are optimized to deliver high power output. In addition, special coatings and gaskets are used to reduce friction and prevent energy loss.

Hydraulic Hoses, Special high pressure resistant hoses are used in the hydraulic system of the Liebherr 984. These hoses meet high quality standards to prevent leaks and increase system efficiency.

Hydraulic Tank and Filtration, There is a specially designed hydraulic oil tank for the hydraulic system of the excavator. In addition, an effective hydraulic oil filtration system is used to keep the system clean and prevent adverse effects.


Let’s take a look at the specific information of two different models of the Liebherr 984 Excavator


Technical specifications of the Liebherr R984C Model


It can have engine power ranging from 400 to 800 horsepower.
It can have a construction machine weight of about 100 to 120 tons.
It can have various bucket capacities, usually ranging from 4 to 7 cubic meters.
It has an optimized structure for high digging power and excellent stability.


Liebherr R984C
Liebherr R984C


Technical specifications of the Liebherr R984B Model


Engine power, It can usually range from 400 to 800 horsepower.
Construction equipment weight, It can vary from approximately 90 to 120 tons.
Bucket capacity, There are a variety of bucket options, usually ranging from 4 to 7 cubic meters.
Maximum excavation depth, It can vary from approximately 9 to 11 meters.
Maximum excavation radius, It can vary between approximately 15 and 20 meters.
Powerful hydraulic system, It has an optimized hydraulic system for precise control and high digging performance.
Durable design, It has a solid construction that can withstand tough working conditions.


Liebherr R984B
Liebherr R984B
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