The giant bucket of the Volvo L350 wheel loader and the features that move it

The Volvo L350 is a large and powerful wheel loader designed for heavy-duty applications in the construction, quarrying and mining industries.


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What are the specific features of the Volvo L350 wheel loader?


Engine: The L350 is powered by a Volvo D16J engine producing 394 kW, 557 horsepower, providing high torque and outstanding performance for demanding tasks. This engine allows the loader to travel at 40 km/h.

Bucket Capacity: It has a bucket capacity ranging from approximately 9.6 to 10.3 cubic meters, allowing efficient loading and transportation of large volumes of materials.

Operating Weight: The operating weight of L350 wheel loader is about 1
It is 52.2 t. This contributes to its stability and capacity for heavy lifting and carrying.

Loader Arm Reach: Offers a maximum loader arm reach of 4.23 metres, allowing easy loading and efficient material handling on high-wall transport trucks.

Loader Arm Breakout Force: The wheel loader has a high breakout force of approximately 427 kN, allowing it to easily penetrate hard materials and tackle challenging loading tasks.


Volvo L350 specific features
Volvo L350 specific features


What are the other important features of the Volvo L350 wheel loader?

Operator Comfort: The L350 is equipped with a spacious and ergonomic operator cab offering excellent visibility, low noise levels and comfortable controls. It includes features such as air conditioning, air suspension seat and advanced control systems to increase operator comfort and efficiency.

Transmission: Includes the fully automatic Volvo PowerShift transmission system that provides smooth and efficient power distribution for greater productivity.
Advanced Technologies: The L350 includes advanced technologies such as load-sensing hydraulics, advanced diagnostics and telematics capabilities for improved performance, efficiency and ease of maintenance.


Volvo L350 features
Volvo L350 features




The Volvo L350 wheel loader is known for its solid build quality, high productivity and operator comfort. Its ability to handle large amounts of material efficiently makes it a popular choice for heavy-duty operations that require powerful and reliable equipment.

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