Farmer woman drives SuperLandini Iron Wheel Tractor

SuperLandini is an Italian tractor brand. The company has been producing tractors since the early 20th century. SuperLandini produces various tractor models for the agricultural sector.


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SuperLandini tractors are known for their high performance and durability. They are used for various agricultural activities such as agricultural work, irrigation, fertilization and transportation. SuperLandini tractors are available in various models with different engine powers, capacities and possibilities. This is an important advantage for the customer to have a tractor according to his production needs. Another valuable feature of SuperLandini tractors is that they are environmentally friendly and efficient. It offers economical use thanks to high-tech engines and energy-saving features.


SuperLandini Tractor features
SuperLandini Tractor features


What are the SuperLandini Tractor models?


Different tractor types such as Open Field series, Vineyard series and Orchard series are among the tractor models produced by SuperLandini. SuperLandini tractors are designed to meet the productivity in the agricultural sector and offer reliable performance in their use. With its wide product range and quality production, SuperLandini is a popular brand in the field of agriculture.


What are the uses of iron wheels used on tractors?


Iron wheels installed on tractors are special wheels that enable tractors to perform better in agricultural areas or difficult terrain conditions. Iron wheels are made of a material that is durable and can withstand heavy-duty conditions.


Tractor with iron wheels
Tractor with iron wheels


What are the advantages?


These wheels prevent the tractor from skidding by providing better traction and control on difficult surfaces such as mud, soil or snow. Additionally, the rigid structure of iron wheels helps it better cope with obstacles such as potholes and slippery surfaces.


What are the disadvantages?


The use of iron can also have some disadvantages, for example it can provide a harsher riding experience and leave more marks on the ground.

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