Features of Komatsu 1500 Truck in dimensions that do not fit on the road

Komatsu 1500 Truck is a special model of mining truck produced by Komatsu company. It is a heavy-duty vehicle designed specifically for mining operations, capable of transporting large amounts of material over rough terrain.


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This gigantic truck, which remains up to date today, took its final form in 2017 with the model number Komatsu HD1500-8. This version is the current version that is still in production today.


Specific features of Komatsu 1500 Truck


Capacity: Komatsu 1500 Truck has a huge payload capacity, usually ranging from 142 to 160 tons depending on the specific configuration.

Dimensions: The length of the truck is 12.935m and its width is 5.8m.

Engine: The engine code of the HD1500-8 model, which is the current version, is SDA16V159-3 and produces 1103 kW power. This giant truck can reach speeds of up to 1103 kW and 56.6 km per hour with the power it receives from its 1103 kW engine.


Komatsu 1500 Truck Specific features
Komatsu 1500 Truck Specific features

Other important features of Komatsu 1500 Truck


Design: This truck has an innovative design that prioritizes durability and performance. It is equipped with a sturdy frame and suspension system to withstand the harsh conditions of mining sites.

Power: Komatsu 1500 Truck gets its power from a high capacity engine. It usually comes with a diesel engine that offers tremendous power output to carry the large load of the truck.

Safety: Safety is the top priority when operating such heavy machinery. Komatsu 1500 Truck is equipped with advanced safety features such as anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control and multiple cameras to assist the driver.

Control: The truck comes with advanced control systems to ensure optimum performance and efficiency. These systems include automatic controls, real-time monitoring and diagnostic tools.

Productivity: The Komatsu 1500 Truck is designed to maximize efficiency in mining operations. It offers high-speed performance to efficiently transport materials from the mining site to the dumping area.


Komatsu 1500 Truck features
Komatsu 1500 Truck features


It is worth noting that specifications may vary depending on the specific model and optional features selected.

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