Terex RH170’s giant shovel loads trucks in minutes

The Terex RH170 is a highly capable hydraulic mining excavator designed for heavy-duty earthmoving and mining operations.


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Specific features of Terex RH170

Operating Weight: The operating weight of the Terex RH170 generally ranges from approximately 140 to 165 metric tons.

Bucket Capacity: The excavator comes with a variety of bucket options that generally offer capacities between 8 and 10 cubic metres. These large buckets allow for efficient transportation of bulk materials.


Terex RH170 Specific features
Terex RH170 Specific features

Other important features of Terex RH170

Hydraulic System: Terex RH170 has a robust hydraulic system that provides smooth and precise operation. It enables efficient and powerful digging, lifting and material handling operations.

Reach and Digging Depth: With its long reach and impressive digging depth, the Terex RH170 is well suited for deep excavation and mining tasks.

Power and Performance: Powered by a high-performance diesel engine, the Terex RH170 offers impressive digging and loading capabilities. Designed to efficiently process large volumes of material in mining applications.

Operator Comfort and Control: The excavator is equipped with an operator cab that offers excellent visibility and a comfortable working environment. It also has ergonomic controls for ease of use.

Safety Features: Safety is an important feature of the Terex RH170. It includes features such as secure access points, guardrails and advanced safety systems to protect both the operator and the machine.


Terex RH170 features
Terex RH170 features


Apart from all this information, it is important to note that Terex RH170 specifications may vary depending on the specific model and optional configurations.

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