Caterpillar D8T Bulldozer pushes a rock as big as itself.

Caterpillar D8T Bulldozer is a straightening roller model produced by Caterpillar. The production of the series, which started in 2004, was discontinued in 2017.


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Specific features of the Caterpillar D8T Bulldozer


Power: Caterpillar D8T is equipped with a high power engine.
231 kW Engine produces power.

Weight: The weight of the Caterpillar D8T Bulldozer is 37.2t.

Dimensions: Length: 7.87m, Width: 3.06m and Carrying height: 3.46m.


Caterpillar D8T Bulldozer Specific features
Caterpillar D8T Bulldozer Specific features


Other important features of the Caterpillar D8T Bulldozer


Straightening Capacity: This straightening roller model is capable of handling large amounts of soil, rocks and similar materials. Straightening capacity may vary depending on model and hardware.

Operator Cabin: D8T Bulldozer offers a comfortable and ergonomic operator cabin. It aims to increase operators’ productivity with improved visibility, user-friendly controls and advanced comfort features.

Technology and Controls: Caterpillar offers revolutionary technological features in the D8T Bulldozer. This gives operators better control, higher efficiency and less fuel consumption.


Caterpillar D8T Bulldozer features
Caterpillar D8T Bulldozer features




Caterpillar D8T Bulldozer is generally used in construction, mining, road opening and similar applications. Thanks to its durable structure and high performance, it can be used effectively even under difficult working conditions. The above information is for general information purposes. In order to learn the full features and details of the model, it is necessary to obtain information on the exact year in which the series was produced. As a result, the weight, engine power and many specific features of a heavy-duty machine whose production continues for 13 years will definitely change during this period.

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