Liebherr R9350 excavator is loading cut stone with equipment.

The Liebherr R9350 excavator is a powerful and efficient machine known for its outstanding digging capabilities. It is equipped with a robust engine and advanced hydraulic system, allowing it to tackle a wide range of digging tasks with ease. The R9350 features a spacious and comfortable cab that provides the operator with excellent visibility and ergonomics for maximum productivity and safety. Liebherr R9350 is a reliable choice for heavy excavation projects with its advanced technology and durable structure.


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Cut stone bucket


It is a bucket with a special tip developed to directly crush and load limestone in mining areas.


Dimensions / Weight


The weight of the Liebherr R9350 excavator is 302t. The engine power of the excavator, which has a bucket capacity of 18m³, is 1120 kW and produces power at 1800 rpm at max torque.


Liebherr R9350 Excavator Dimensions - Weight
Liebherr R9350 Excavator Dimensions – Weight


Highlights of the Liebherr R9350 excavator include


Engine, R9350 is equipped with a powerful engine to deliver high performance. The engine is known for its fuel shifting and low emission levels.

Digging Capacity, This excavator has a wide range of digging parts and can work effectively in various types of ground.

Hydraulic System, Advanced hydraulic system provides fast and precise digging movements. Additionally, high-power hydraulic cylinders and valves ensure strength and durability.

Operator Cabin, The R9350 has a spacious operator cab, providing high comfort and visibility to the operator. Thanks to its ergonomic design, long working hours reduce bile fatigue.

Safety Features, Liebherr attaches great importance to operator and worker workmanship. That’s why the R9350 is equipped with various safety measures, such as an emergency pause button, a rearview camera and voice warning systems.


Liebherr R9350 Excavator Features
Liebherr R9350 Excavator Features


Technology and Automation, R9350 is equipped with advanced control systems and automation features. These features help operator operations be performed more efficiently and precisely.

These features demonstrate the high performance, durability and operator comfort of the Liebherr R9350 excavator.

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