Giant Dump truck, Belaz 75710


Before we tell you about the technical specifications of the Belaz 75710, Dump truck, let’s think about a truck. How much load can it take? How big can it be? We are talking about a truck that will really turn heads of those who see it for the first time. It’s hard to believe without seeing. Even the wheels are meters high. A gigantic truck where people are tiny. Yes, there is such a truck and it is widely used for jobs requiring large machinery such as mining. Of course, these gigantic structures have costs as well as the convenience they offer to the working area.

Belez 75710
Belez 75710

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Let’s learn with questions

How big of an engine is needed to move such a big truck, especially if it is full, without going downhill? How much fuel does this engine consume? Another important issue is how big a tank a truck with such high fuel consumption might need. Although it has brought practicality in mining works with tons of cargo it takes at once, it will be a cost in direct proportion to move this gigantic truck. Let’s look at the technical features of Belaz 75710 together.

Belez 75710 features
Belez 75710 features


What are the technical features of Balez 75710?

Belaz 75710 is the largest dump truck in the World! It can carry loads up to 450 tons. Its own weight is 350 tons. Its height is 8.17 meters and its length is 20.6 meters. These giants are produced by a Belarusian automotive company. This truck can carry extra loads by pushing its limits. Belaz 75710 entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2014 by carrying 503.5 tons of cargo. There are two 2330 horsepower diesel engines in the vehicle. The speed of Belaz 75710 is 67 km per hour. However, considering these extraordinary dimensions, it is worth mentioning that it is quite an acceptable speed. Fuel consumption for 100 km is 1,300 liters. For manufacturers to consider long journeys, the total fuel capacity is 2800 liters. They added two separate fuel tanks.

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