Features of Volvo A30G with 1 Meter wide tires

Volvo A30G is a dump truck model produced by Volvo Construction Equipment. The A30G model is equipped with a powerful engine and a durable chassis.


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Dump trucks used in the construction equipment industry are designed to carry heavy loads and carry out material transportation in areas such as construction or mining. The Volvo A30G model was developed to meet these needs.


1 Meter wide tires that come with the Volvo A30G Dump truck.


The 1 Meter wide tires installed on the Volvo A30G truck allow the truck to touch the ground more softly when loaded. It is a great advantage compared to standard truck tires in creating more space in mining areas that have turned into a swamp due to mud.


1 Meter wide tires
1 Meter wide tires


Other key features of the A30G


Engine, Volvo A30G is equipped with a powerful engine of Volvo’s own production. This engine provides high performance while also optimizing fuel consumption.

Chassis, The A30G has a durable chassis, providing greater safety and durability in transporting heavy loads. The chassis is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions.

Capacity, the Volvo A30G dump truck has a large loading capacity. In this way, it can meet the needs of transporting large amounts of materials.

Controls, The A30G is equipped with ergonomic control panel and user-friendly control systems to ensure driver comfort and ease of use.

Safety, Volvo A30G also offers a high level of performance in terms of safety. It is equipped with important safety features, especially the braking system and stability control.


features of the A30G
features of the A30G




Volvo A30G is a reliable and durable dump truck model widely used in the construction industry.

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