Why does black and white smoke come out of the exhaust?


Exhaust smoke problems are at the top of the issues that vehicle owners are most curious about about their cars.

When it comes to air pollution caused by motor vehicles, the exhaust that comes to mind gives information about the current state of the engine with the way it emits smoke. In cases where the exhaust emission value, that is, the emission measurements, is at a normal level according to the characteristics of the vehicle, the exhaust gas is almost transparent and invisible, while the way of the exit and the different smoke from the normal means that the engine or operating system is experiencing a malfunction. It is necessary to follow the exhaust smoke problems well.

Why Does Black Smoke Come From The Exhaust?

If black smoke comes out of your vehicle’s exhaust pipe once or twice, it’s a good idea to have your vehicle mechanically checked. If black smoke from the exhaust is continuous, this may indicate that your vehicle’s engine is working with a rich mixture. The fact that the engine works with a rich mixture means that the engine takes more fuel than necessary into the fuel chamber, or in other words, the combustion chamber. Injector problems are usually seen in engines operating with a rich mixture. Black smoke from the exhaust pipe of your vehicle is the result of the engine working with a rich mixture, releasing hydrocarbons above normal.

In some cases, black smoke from the exhaust is caused by the engine’s inability to draw in enough oxygen this time, despite receiving enough fuel into the combustion chamber. So the causes of black smoke coming out of the exhaust generally means an engine fuel system problem. Black smoke is seen as a sign of a blockage in the fuel return line and a problem with the injectors. Apart from this possibility, your vehicle may also be experiencing problems such as leaking and dripping and drying in the cylinder valve system. Against all odds, the engine’s injection system needs to be checked and carbon cleaned.

Why Does White Smoke Come From The Exhaust?

You may also witness white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe from time to time. If this situation occurs when you start your vehicle for the first time on very cold days, it is not a problem. However, if your vehicle continues to emit white smoke from the exhaust, this indicates that water has entered the combustion chamber of the engine. White smoke, which also indicates that the engine has an injection problem, is generally seen as a situation experienced in gasoline vehicles. The reason for water entering the engine combustion chamber of the vehicle differs.

If your vehicle’s exhaust is emitting white smoke, there may be a malfunction caused by the engine’s cylinder head gasket. The possibility that the gasket is burnt, damaged or installed incorrectly causes water leakage from the joints of the cylinder head and engine block water channels. While the fault can be rectified by directly repairing or rectifying the head gasket, if the white smoke is due to a crack in the cylinder head or engine block, this means a more detailed and relatively costly repair is required.

Exhaust Maintenance

Remember that your car is a machine and needs regular maintenance. The carbon emission status of your vehicle is related to the correct operation of the engine. Therefore, having an exhaust inspection becomes a very important issue in this sense. You can prevent financial and moral problems by having your vehicle’s periodic maintenance and exhaust inspection done without delay. It is useful to observe the exhaust fumes in order to understand the current status of your vehicle and to intervene in a timely manner.

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