What is Synchromesh? What Does It Do? How to Identify the Error? 2023


Synchromesh, the gearbox is one of the main components of a vehicle. Gear has a very important place in manual/manual transmission vehicles and automatic transmission cars. In the gearbox, also known as the gearbox, there are discs, gears and parts of different sizes that enable the system to work. Synchromesh is one of these parts. In our article, you can find the points you wonder about the synchromesh and the details of its working principle.


What is Synchromesh?

Synchromesh is a part of the vehicle’s gearbox that comes into play during the gear change phase. The synchromesh makes it easy to change gears. It is a conical piece that resembles a bracelet. It is between two gears and is located inside the gearbox. The gearbox stays in balance with the synchromesh. Because this part ensures the correct operation of the gears in the gearbox.

What Does Synchromesh Do?

The synchromesh is necessary for the two gears in the gearbox, which rotate at different speeds, to engage each other during the gear change and to rotate at an equal speed in this process. Thanks to this part, gear shifts can be made quickly, easily and smoothly. In addition, the synchromesh ensures the protection of the gears as it prevents the collision and friction-induced situations that may occur during the transition between the gears. In other words, if there is no synchromesh, the gear gears can be damaged and worn out quickly. The gears, whose revolutions are synchronized with the synchromesh, provide a smooth and silent gear shift.

How to Identify Synchromesh Failure?

Synchromesh failure is most evident in gear changes. Apart from that, in most of the problems experienced in the gear, the synchromesh should be checked in order to be sure of the source of the problem. In case there is a problem with the synchromesh:

  • Difficulties begin to occur in gear shifting. In particular, stutters that only become constant when shifting to a certain gear may indicate a synchromesh problem. In other words, even if there is no problem when the vehicle is shifting from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3, if there is always a problem while shifting to 4th gear, there is a synchromesh error.
  • If there is a problem with the synchromesh, some gears cannot be engaged at all.
  • In case of synchromesh malfunction, the vehicle may come out of gear by itself. While driving on the road, the gear may suddenly become neutral.

Synchromesh problems occur on manual vehicles. Automatic vehicles do not have this part.

Frequently Asked Questions About Synchromesh

How Do Synchromesh Failures Occur?

A general error occurs in this system when there is a problem both in the synchromesh itself and in the gears in the gearbox. Namely:

  • The yellow piece, also known as the synchronizer ring, may be damaged. This part can break or wear out because it hasn’t been changed for a long time.
  • There may be a problem with the gears where the synchronizer is responsible for equalizing the revolutions. The sprocket itself or the replacement fork may be broken.
  • The synchronizer mechanism may be stuck due to rust or dirt or any other reason. In this case, the system cannot function.
  • Even when the transmission oil is low, the synchromesh cannot work effectively.
  • There may be a problem with the mechanism that keeps the synchromesh system moving. The handle of this mechanism may be broken or warped.

How to Repair Synchromesh Failure?

If there is a problem with the synchromesh, a thorough inspection of the transmission is required. Because, as we said before, the synchromesh error may also be caused by the gears. For this reason, all parts in the gearbox must be checked. Defective parts are replaced.

What Happens If Synchromesh Is Not Repaired?

If the synchromesh is not repaired, the vehicle will have a problem in constantly shifting gears. Both the driver and the vehicle have difficulty in transitions. If the shift system does not operate properly, the driver may be distracted and driving safety may be compromised.
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