What is Follow Me Home Feature? How does it work?


Follow me home, headlights are like the eyes of cars. It is an important detail that not only illuminates the road of the vehicle to ensure safe driving, but also gives the cars a characteristic exterior appearance.

The headlight plays a big role in vehicle design, but still the main trademark of the headlight is its technical task. The ultimate purpose of the headlights, which creates visibility in the dark and can be seen even in daylight, is to see the road and make the vehicle noticed. However, today, the headlights have become able to guide the user not only while driving, but also after the driving is over. Follow Me Home technology, which carries a cautious parental spirit that does not feel comfortable until the user enters the house, has succeeded in adding a completely different meaning to the headlight. Now let’s look at the answers to questions such as how this technology works, what it does and what features it has.

What does the Follow Me Home feature do?

Essentially, you might think that car headlights have three basic properties. High beams and dipped beams serve to illuminate the front of the car at different distances. There is also a parking light, which indicates that the vehicle has stopped. However, today, automobile manufacturers prefer to produce much more “intelligent” headlight systems with the effect of constantly developing technology. So far, very successful designs have been made for purposes such as making the headlights more useful, extending their usage time or providing lower energy consumption. Moreover, new designs are added to these designs every day.

One of the latest innovations in the developing headlight technology is the Follow Me Home feature. This feature ensures that the surroundings of the vehicle remain illuminated for a while when you park your vehicle near your house at night. This system, which turns off your car’s headlights with a delay, helps you find your way home in the dark.

What are the features of the Follow Me Home system?

In its simplest form, the Follow Me Home module is responsible for emitting a light that will accompany you for a certain period of time after you park your car. However, it also has some adjustable features:

  • The Follow Me Home system first turns on the parking lights when it starts to get dark. It turns on the headlights when it gets a little darker.
  • When Follow Me Home is illuminated, it first turns off the headlights and then the parking lights.
  • Parking and headlight lights can be adjusted separately in the dark.
  • You can adjust the duration of the Follow Me Home system’s illumination to be between 3 and 50 seconds as you wish.
  • The follow Me Home module stays on time automatically extends when you enter a darker environment than the dark intensity you set.
  • The Follow Me Home system, which only activates the parking lights when you turn the ignition in dark environments, automatically activates the headlights after the engine starts.
  • When you open or close the main lock of your vehicle using your remote control in a dark environment, the lights connected to the Follow Me Home system turn on automatically.

Can Follow Me Home feature be disabled?

After you park your car and turn off your headlights, there is no system where you can disable the Follow Me Home feature that accompanies you for a while. The purpose of this module is to illuminate the road for you after you park your vehicle. It already has a self-closing system. However, it is possible to make a change on how long the lighting will continue. After parking your vehicle, you can adjust this time according to the time you need the illumination. However, as we mentioned above, you can only make this adjustment for a minimum of 3 seconds and a maximum of 50 seconds.

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