Transporting The Caterpillar 385C Excavator To The Next Site

Caterpillar 385C Excavator is in the large-scale Excavators class, where the current version, which the company has been producing for nearly 20 years, has an average weight of 100 tons. On the engine side of the excavator, Caterpillar’s own C18 Acert engine type is used, and this engine produces 390 kW of power.


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Of course, the duty locations of large-scale construction machines may vary, like all other construction machines. Or the construction site may want to meet the need for a new Caterpillar 385C, and in such cases, the transportation process is quite costly. Transportation of construction machines such as large-scale excavators must be carried out with the support of professional teams. These companies both make the necessary surveys on the transportation route and ensure that the necessary permits are obtained.


385C Excavator
385C Excavator

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