Huge CAT 994K Wheel Loader weighing 240 Tons

The 240 Ton 994K is the largest wheel loader produced by Caterpillar. This giant wheel loader produces 1297 kW of power and It allows to reach 24.5 km. This engine is Caterpillar company’s own engine type, 3516 E. Additionally, its 24.5 m3 bucket capacity allows it to fill standard tonnage trucks with a single bucket.


YouTube video


CAT 994K Wheel loader is a series in the large class that was first introduced in 2015 and is currently in production. When we look at the size side, we again encounter measurements that surprise us with their size. The length of the wheel loader is 17.61 m, its width is 6.24 m and its height is 7.12 m.



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