Tire Pressure Light Doesn’t Go Off! How to Extinguish?


Many technologies developed by automotive brands serve to make our lives easier. The most important of these technologies are those related to driving safety. We can experience some of these developed technologies in luxury segment vehicles in the first place. Over time, they find a place in the option lists of the models produced by the brands. Finally, we see that they are included in standard equipment packages. One of the technological developments in which the process progresses in this way is the tire pressure warning system. Let’s see what the tire pressure warning is and how it is checked.

What is Tire Pressure Alert?

Tire pressure warning system, one of the most important safety systems in vehicles, is a system that informs the driver about the air pressures of the tires by measuring the tire pressures of the vehicle. If there is an imbalance in the air pressure in the tires, the driver is warned visually and audibly by the system. Tire pressures should be inflated as recommended by the manufacturer. After pressing, you need to save by pressing the tire pressure button on your vehicle. (While the tire pressure button is positioned as a physical button on some models, it is positioned digitally on the multimedia screen of some models.

What are the Types of Tire Pressure Alert?

The tire pressure warning system works together with the ABS system. It has a mechanism that warns the driver when it senses an abnormality in the air pressure in the tire. This system can be seen in three different forms. On some models the instrument panel ! While an audible and visual warning is provided with a symbol similar to the sign, in some models, both a warning is provided and which tire is problematic (such as right rear, left front). One of the rare types of systems is the warning systems in which the air pressure can be monitored instantly. In these systems, with the help of the sensor that measures the bar level of the air in the tire, the tire pressure information is shared with the driver.

How to Deactivate Tire Pressure Warning?

If you have received a tire pressure warning while driving with your vehicle, one of your tires may have burst. In this case, you should go to the nearest tire shop and have your tire checked. The reason you get the tire pressure warning is because one of the air pressures you recorded correctly before has an unstable air pressure compared to the others. After you have the flat tire repaired, you must press/hold the physical or digital button of the tire pressure warning system in your vehicle. This button is enclosed in parentheses ! It is indicated by a symbol like sign. It can be located as a physical button in the vehicle cabin or as a digital button in your multimedia system. After this process, your tire pressures will be recorded again. This will turn off the tire pressure warning that appears.

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