Caterpillar D9T Bulldozer does wonders in road work with its powerful features.

The Caterpillar D9T Bulldozer is a powerful and versatile heavy-duty machine designed for a variety of construction and mining applications. Bulldozer, which first appeared in 2015, continues its current production with the same model series, D9T, although it has undergone minor changes.


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What are the specific features of the Caterpillar D9T Bulldozer?


Engine: The D9T is equipped with the Cat C18 ACERT engine, which delivers approximately 436 horsepower and ensures reliable power and performance in harsh conditions. This engine produces 343 kW of power and allows it to reach 11.7 km/h. The reversing speed is higher than the travel speed, at 14.3 km/h.

Operating Weight: The operating weight of the D9T ranges from approximately 48,800 kg to 52,350 kg depending on configuration and additional attachments.

Dimensions: Caterpillar D9T Bulldozer attracts attention with its length of 8.23m, width: 2.88m and height of 4m.


Caterpillar D9T Bulldozer Specific Features
Caterpillar D9T Bulldozer Specific Features


What are the other important features of the Caterpillar D9T Bulldozer?


Blade Options: Offers multiple blade options, including a Semi-Universal blade and a U-blade, allowing materials to be cut, pushed and leveled efficiently.

Ripper Option: The bulldozer can also be fitted with a multi-prong or single-prong ripper, increasing its capacity to break up hard surfaces and rock formations.

SkyGuard: The machine is equipped with a standard ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) canopy or optional FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) along with the Cat Impact Protection System “SkyGuard” to enhance operator safety.

Cabin Interior: The bulldozer’s operator cabin offers a comfortable and ergonomic environment with excellent visibility. It includes features like air conditioning, adjustable seating, and easy-to-use controls.

Track System: The D9T features a durable and reliable track system that provides excellent traction, stability and maneuverability on a variety of terrain.

Advanced Technologies: Includes modern technologies such as Product Link™ for remote monitoring and management and Cat Grade Control System for improved precision and efficiency.


Caterpillar D9T Bulldozer Features
Caterpillar D9T Bulldozer Features




The Caterpillar D9T Bulldozer is renowned for its power, durability and versatility. With its powerful engine, multiple blade options and advanced features, it is widely used in a wide variety of applications including excavation, site preparation, road construction and mining operations.

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