The AVIC AG600, the world’s largest amphibious aircraft that can fly today


The AVIC AG600 is an amphibious aircraft manufactured by China. This aircraft is the world’s largest amphibious aircraft and is generally designed to operate on sea and water surfaces. The AG600 can perform a variety of tasks including firefighting, search and rescue, humanitarian assistance and maritime surveillance. The AG600 has an impressive size with a wingspan of 53.5 meters and a height of 12.3 meters. It has a flight time of about 4.5 hours, and its maximum speed can reach 570 kilometers per hour. Among the features of this amphibious aircraft, it has the ability to land and take off on the sea, land on water, a large cargo compartment and the ability to transport approximately 50 tons of water per minute.

In addition to the general information of the AVIC AG600, this amphibious aircraft is designed to fight fires in coastal areas. Thanks to its ability to land on the water surface, it has the capacity to extinguish fires by taking water from water sources. It can also contribute to search and rescue operations for emergencies. The AG600 has a large cargo compartment in its hull, meaning it is capable of handling different types of equipment and supplies. It also has a radar system equipped for use in tasks such as maritime surveillance.

The AG600 is a high-performance aircraft, attracting attention with its long range and large cargo capacity. It has a range of about 5,500 kilometers on water and can carry a load of about 12 tons. This provides the ability to operate over long distances and the ability to carry bulky payloads. In addition, the AG600 is equipped with modern navigation and communication systems. These systems allow the aircraft to travel safely and effectively. The aircraft is also equipped with advanced autonomous flight capabilities, increasing flight safety and efficiency. The AG600’s design also includes eco-friendly features. Its fuel-efficient and low-emission engines aim to minimize environmental impacts. This makes amphibious aircraft more environmentally sustainable.




Other key specific features of the AVIC AG600


The AVIC AG600 is also extremely reliable and durable. Its strong body and stable flight performance provide stable flight even in harsh weather conditions. This increases the safety and operational efficiency of the aircraft. The AVIC AG600 has modern avionics systems. These systems are used to collect, process and present aircraft flight data. This allows the pilot to easily access necessary information during the flight. In addition, the AG600’s cabin features a modern and comfortable interior. The cabin, which has a spacious and ergonomic design, offers passengers a comfortable travel experience. The AG600 has a flexible platform to handle a wide variety of tasks. It can carry different equipment, such as firefighting equipment, search and rescue equipment, or humanitarian supplies, thus adapting to a variety of operations.

The AVIC AG600 has an enhanced water intake capability. In this way, the aircraft can land on the water and be used effectively in emergency operations such as firefighting by quickly taking water from water sources. The spacious cargo compartment of the aircraft allows the transportation of equipment and materials of different sizes and weights. This provides versatile use in missions such as humanitarian aid operations or logistical support. The AVIC AG600 has the ability to stay in the air for a long time. This means the ability to tackle long-duration missions thanks to its long range and fuel capacity. This is a great advantage in long-term missions such as search and rescue operations or maritime surveillance. The aircraft’s high maneuverability provides precise control in low altitude operations. This is a huge advantage in operations such as precision landings and take-offs.

The AG600 also has an undersea exploration module that is used to explore and explore underwater resources at sea. This module can be used to study underwater structures, coral reefs or underwater life. This feature is of great importance for marine science research or environmental protection studies. In addition, the AG600’s large internal volume provides a convenient space for the equipment carried inside. This offers a variety of usage scenarios for different needs, such as research equipment, medical supplies, or other specialized equipment.


AVIC AG600 tech
AVIC AG600 tech
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