Ship and Platform together with RP FLIP


Forget all the ship designs you’ve heard before with the RP Flip. When you see this extraordinary ship, which stands for floating instrument platform in English, you may think that it has sunk. But there is nothing to worry about. This is one of the working features of the ship. This unusual ship, built by the American maritime research center, is shaped like a sunken ship.

The reason for this is that the ship plunges into the depths of the sea at an angle of 90 degrees. Complementing this angle, it transforms into a platform rather than a ship. Moreover, it takes only 30 minutes for the ship to turn into a platform by taking a 90-degree angle. At the same time, the RP FLip is specially designed against 90 degree rotation. Everything from the toilet seat covers to the shower heads in their toilets has been built with special and delicate work. If it is necessary to explain this situation with an example, there are 2 doors on the ship and when the ship turns into a platform or a ship, one of these doors can remain on the ceiling.

RP FLIP Platform
RP FLIP Platform

RP FLip, What is its mission and purpose?

The purpose of constructing the RP FLip ship and platform, which has this extraordinary design and is unique in the world, is to conduct researches such as Wavelength, Acoustic signals, Water density and Water temperature analyzes and to analyze meteorological data in this field.


Some technical data about ship and platform

The passenger capacity of the ship consists of 5 crew and 11 researchers. This crew is designed to work for about 1 month without leaving the ship. There are 2 generators on the ship, 150 kW and 40 kW. Thanks to its design structure, it easily withstands giant waves that can reach 25 meters high. So much so that when it turns into a platform in a vertical position, a 10-meter-high wave on the ship only changes the position of the ship by 1 meter. This is critical for the ship to be stable while researching.

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