Nextrencher D-250, what is it?


Here comes the Nextrencher D-250! As technology advances, it continues to make our lives easier. In fact, we are not talking about a construction machine with the Nextrencher D-250. We are talking about an equipment part connected only to the front of the construction machine in the image. In fact, it can be called an additional equipment that is hingedly attached to any excavator. It is possible to say that this equipment is compatible with working with many different vehicles. During operation, this risky digger uses only one lane. In this way, undesirable situations in traffic are prevented. Since the performance of the equipment is quite high, it does not cause any problems for the user even in harsh conditions. For example, it provides ease of use to the operator with its sharp maneuvers and ease of use and transportation in a stony area. The working area is also quite large. For example, in busy areas, it allows you to cut the pavements properly and clearly without risking the traffic. Due to the symmetrical movements it provides and the ease of use of these movements, the Nextrencher D-250 enables it to reveal the same project as planned by its designer.

Nextrencher D-250 Technical specifications
Nextrencher D-250 Technical specifications

Nextrencher D-250, Technical specifications

There are 3 different models of this wonderful equipment. Since the version mentioned in our article is the latest version, we can say that it is the most capable. The previous version, the D-80, can provide the same operating performance. The maximum working depth of the Nextrencher D-250 model and D-80 models we discussed in our article is measured as 0.8 meters. The working width of these models varies between 8 and 30 centimeters. The digging depth of all models is the same in all. However, the working width of the first version varies between 15 and 20 centimeters. The first model differs from other models. But the working functions of the other two models appear to be the same. There may be design and technical innovations that distinguish the two models from each other. But the workspaces are the same.


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