Revealing How The BIGGEST Oversized Loads Are Transported

This is how the biggest loads are moved, join us in our content as we explore the giants of the modern world, from the Massive Carriers that move mountains to the heavy haulers that drive progress, they are not just machines, they are the unsung heroes of construction and Mining.


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The leading player we want to show you in the transportation of these loads, the 360 Ton low loader, is designed for the most challenging jobs in mining and construction. While watching this low loader, you can find the unusual comments we come across on YouTube below.


BIGGEST Oversized Loads Transported
BIGGEST Oversized Loads Transported


The black and red kenworths belong to National Heavy Haulage in Australia. The green ones belong to Doolans heavy haulage who are now a part of the Bowers group. They nothing to do with the Yanks.
I thought this video was to show how big loads were moved. Guess NHH LLC paid for this one considering the length of the add you just did for them.

Finally found something i can recommends to my father-in-law able to carry my mother-in-law

make sure you get your facts right before you post another video like this. NHH services LLC is AMERICAN. not australian. NHH stands for national heavy haulage, as others have told you.

That’s Doolans not NHH in the west Australian outback. NHH are Aussies, If there in Indiana, that’s awesome. But get facts right.

Nice clickbait but i just scroll right through to see if its there & if not then i dont watch .

I am interested in heavy vehicle driver

Why are the carrier vehicles so big? Surely it’s meant to be to make it easier? Hmmmmm not sure.

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