Rescue of a Dozer stuck in the water by another Dozer by filling the water with sand.

We think you will enjoy watching the video, which is based on the content of a dozer stranded in the water being rescued by another dozer by filling the water with sand. We had so much fun watching it.


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Rescuing the dozer stuck in the water
Rescuing the dozer stuck in the water


I am not a bulldozer operator, and don’t know the other driver tasks, but pretty sure he could try towing at first


To me it looks like they did it on purpose for the Video because no operator in there right mind would have pushed in that far.


Looks to me like the world’s largest sandbox and all those kids are having a good time playing in that big sandbox


Back to back, Chain on and pull him out, Why all the time wasting?


Funny the drone happened to be filming in front off the dozer when it got so badly stuck


Difficult work, the water always levels out. In the 60’s and 70’s I worked in Brazil making parts for tractors and many times I went to install them in inhospitable environments and saw many machines in this same situation…


I kept wondering why they were taking so long to pull him out. Maybe they had to send someone to the five and dime to get a cable. You should have cables connected to your dozers and I didn’t see one connected to the first two dozers in the beginning. I was thinking with all the dirt the big Dozer was pushing that maybe he was going to try pushing from the front after building a dirt road to him but that didn’t really make sense since his front end was so far down but he could have raised his blade and be pushed that way. I know in America you couldn’t take a wetland and fill it full of dirt and if you did they would make you take the dirt out and restore the wetland. Hopefully they didn’t kill all the fish if there was any.

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