Dump Truck Gets Stuck in Pit While Unloading Back

Dump Truck Gets Stuck in the Pit While Unloading Back. One of the dump trucks unloading sand for filling at the edge of the cliff gets stuck in the pit. Were the rescue efforts of the Bulldozer, which was carrying out road repair works, beneficial?


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Dump Truck Gets Stuck in Pit While Unloading Back
Dump Truck Gets Stuck in Pit While Unloading Back

That seemed way more work than it had to be, but they got it done.

Legend has it the driver is still waiting to tip that load

Gosh, on the edge of my seat wondering if it would ever get out…..thanks for keeping us waiting to the end…..

I’ve never seen someone operating a dozer in a full helmet before.

I have pulled out a lot of stuck dump trucks in my time….. But I aint never seen it done like that before…

Wow! Just wow!
So was dumping a bunch of material so close to the truck that blading it made it go under the truck creating essentially a speed bump part of the plan?

Open the tail gate! It’ll empty. It’s already on a slope! Have the dozer clean it out. Lighten the load! Damn!

They needed radio co-ordination. Indian earth movers appear to be an independent bunch. Totally willing to help anyone.
As a dozer operator, I always carry a wire rope checker sling in my truck for just such occasions, it’s saved my ass more than once! Good job!

I once hauled a komatsu and a D9 out of a swampy sink hole, with a D9 special, by passing a cable under the Special, from front to back and using the combined weight of the two stuck tractors to give the Special enough traction, to reverse out, pulling the two out,am wondering why this method is not used in this case

Painful to watch, thank goodness for the fast fwd option!

Most dump trucks I have seen have a sign on the tailgate that says do not push.
Maybe that’s why they did not empty the load.

One of the trucks had sun visors on top and bottom of front windscreen.only a Crack in the middle was open to see out of. In the States you couldn’t do that, but it looked really cool.

The bulldozer driver on the far end wants the dozer to go over the edge
No need to take the dozer so far even if the truck dumps on the flat surface the Doser only need to push the soil halfway half of the load will go down and not the dozer

Legend has it that after he got pulled out. He reversed straight back in in another attempt to unload his truck. They left him there after that.

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