Powerful features of the John Deere 1050K bulldozer

The John Deere 1050K bulldozer is a heavy-duty machine designed for earthmoving and construction work. It is part of John Deere’s K-Series dozers and offers a range of features for greater productivity and efficiency.


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Specific features of the John Deere 1050K bulldozer


The John Deere 1050K is powered by a John Deere PowerTech PSS 13.5-liter engine that delivers 350 horsepower (261 kW) net power. Meets Tier 4 Final emission standards.

Operating Weight: The machine’s operating weight is approximately 91,000 to 95,000 lbs (41,276 to 43,091 kg), depending on configuration and attachments.

Blade Capacity and Type: The bulldozer is equipped with a large blade that offers a standard capacity of approximately 8.9 cubic yards (6.8 cubic meters). It can be configured with different blade types, such as straight blades, semi-u blades, and full u blades, to suit specific job needs.


John Deere 1050K Specific features
John Deere 1050K Specific features


Other important features of the John Deere 1050K bulldozer


Track Configuration: The 1050K features a wide track configuration for increased stability and buoyancy, allowing it to operate efficiently in difficult terrain conditions.

Intelligent Machine Control (IMC): This bulldozer can be equipped with John Deere’s optional Intelligent Machine Control system. IMC combines GPS technology with advanced automation to increase dozing productivity and accuracy.

Operator Comfort: 1050K provides a comfortable working environment for the operator with its spacious and air-conditioned cabin, ergonomic controls and low noise level. The machine also offers good visibility into the blade and surrounding areas.

Advanced Technology: The bulldozer incorporates advanced technology for improved performance, efficiency and maintainability. This includes features like JDLink telematics for remote diagnostics and monitoring, integrated grade control systems, and easy access to machine data and settings.


John Deere 1050K features
John Deere 1050K features




Overall, the John Deere 1050K bulldozer is a powerful and reliable machine for heavy earthmoving and construction applications. It offers a combination of power, precision and advanced technology to tackle challenging projects and maximize productivity.

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