Features of the LeTourneau L-1850 that work wonders in the field

LeTourneau L-1850 is a loader model designed for mining, construction and heavy industrial work. This large-scale machine is effectively used in loading and transporting heavy materials that need to be transported.


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Specific features of the LeTourneau L-1850


The weight of the LeTourneau L-1850 Loader is exactly 242.67t. It is equipped with 1491 kW engine power to move this weight. The width of the bucket is 6.4m and its capacity is 30.58m³. The length of the loader is 18.9m and its width is 6.04m.


LeTourneau L-1850 Specific features
LeTourneau L-1850 Specific features

Other key features of the LeTourneau L-1850


Engine Power: L-1850 is equipped with a powerful diesel engine to provide high performance. Its engine power allows it to easily load materials weighing tons.

Load Carrying Capacity: This loader model has the capacity to carry large amounts of material. With its optimized design, wide angle bucket and powerful hydraulic system can transport heavy loads quickly and efficiently.

Efficient Operation: The L-1850 is designed to operate quickly and efficiently. Its high turning ability enables effective maneuvering even in narrow spaces. It also has an optimized bucket design for fast loading and unloading operations.

Durability and Reliability: LeTourneau is known for its durable and reliable machines. The L-1850’s structural parts and components are manufactured to high quality, ensuring long-lasting use and durability.

Operator Comfort: LeTourneau has a design that cares about operator comfort. Spacious and ergonomic operator cabin reduces fatigue during long working hours. Additionally, features such as the vibration-reducing seat and improved visibility increase operator comfort.

Safety Features: L-1850 is equipped with safety precautions and equipment. For example, it has an emergency stop button to react quickly in emergency situations. Additionally, there are safety measures such as a height monitoring system to ensure worker and operator safety.


LeTourneau L-1850 features
LeTourneau L-1850 features




The LeTourneau L-1850 is the ideal option for loading and transporting heavy loads on large-scale mining and construction projects. While it draws attention with its powerful engine, high carrying capacity, efficient operation and durability, operator comfort and safety are also important features.

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