Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer does great work with its huge features

The Caterpillar D11T bulldozer is a powerful and versatile machine used in heavy construction and mining operations. It is known for its impressive size and strength, capable of moving large amounts of soil and materials. The D11T features a robust undercarriage, a spacious operator cab with advanced controls and a high-efficiency engine for maximum productivity. Its blade can be used for a variety of tasks, such as pushing soil, rocks, or debris.


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Dimensions / Weight


The weight of the Caterpillar D11T bulldozer is 104.24t. Transport length: 10.6m, Transport width: 6.37m and Transport height: 4.67m. In the blade type, it uses the U model.


Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer Dimensions - Weight
Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer Dimensions – Weight


Other important features of the Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer


Powerful Engine, D11T is equipped with a high performance engine. This motor delivers high power production and offers enough torque to tackle tough jobs.

Spacious Operator Cabin, D11T’s operator cabin offers a comfortable working environment. There is a large inner world and its ergonomic controls increase the comfort and scope of the operators.

Durable Chassis, The underframe of this bulldozer has a solid construction to ensure durability in heavy duty work. In this way, it provides reliable performance even in difficult terrain conditions.

High Efficiency, D11T is designed for high efficiency. It can quickly and effectively free up soil, rocks or materials and speed up work processes.

Various Applications, The blade of this bulldozer is designed to suit various applications. Available for different personnel, such as pushing soil, rocks or debris.


Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer features
Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer features


Overall, the Caterpillar D11T is a reliable and efficient bulldozer designed to tackle challenging earthmoving projects. Caterpillar D11T bulldozer is a machine with strong performance, versatility and used in demanding construction and mining operations.

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