Caterpillar 6060 does not keep trucks waiting with its 569t weight and powerful features.

Caterpillar 6060, Caterpillar Inc. It is a large hydraulic mining shovel manufactured by. It is part of Caterpillar’s 6000 series of hydraulic mining shovels designed for high productivity, reliability and durability in heavy-duty mining applications.


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The Caterpillar 6060 is powered by the Cat C27 ACERT engine, providing a maximum net power of 1468 horsepower. It has an operating weight of approximately 569 tonnes and a maximum bucket capacity of 27.8 cubic metres. The maximum digging range of the shovels is approximately 20 meters, and the maximum digging depth is around 10 meters.

This mining shovel is equipped with advanced hydraulic systems and features such as the Enhanced Performance (EP) shovel, which offers greater capacity and faster cycle times. The 6060 also features a robust undercarriage designed for harsh mining conditions, as well as a variety of safety and comfort features for the operator.


Specific features of Caterpillar 6060

Engine: Caterpillar 6060’s 3512C (2x) engine has 12 cylinders and produces 2240 kW maximum net power.

Weight: The weight of the Caterpillar 6060 may surprise you. Yes, it has an operating weight of approximately 569 tons.

Bucket Capacity: It has a maximum storage capacity of 27.8 to 34 m³.

Dimensions: Excavation Length, Maximum excavation length is approximately 20 meters. Excavation Depth, Maximum excavation depth is approximately 10 meters.


Caterpillar 6060 Specific features
Caterpillar 6060 Specific features


Other important features of the Caterpillar 6060


Hydraulic Systems: It has advanced hydraulic systems and features. It offers higher capacity and faster cycle options thanks to features such as Enhanced Performance (EP) bucket.

Infrastructure: It has a solid infrastructure designed for harsh living conditions.

Safety and Comfort: Provides various safety and comfort features for the operator.


Caterpillar 6060 features
Caterpillar 6060 features


General evaluation


Overall, the Caterpillar 6060 is a powerful and efficient mining shovel designed to handle large-scale mining operations and deliver high productivity in harsh environments. The Caterpillar 6060 is designed to perform a wide range of mining operations and provide high productivity in a variety of challenging environments.

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