Characteristics of the large bulldozer Komatsu D475A

Komatsu D475A is a large bulldozer manufactured by Komatsu. This size is large enough to rank second in the list of the world’s largest bulldozers, after the D575A Series of the same brand. Komatsu D475A is designed for Heavy earthmoving and construction applications.


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Important key features of Komatsu D475A


The engine, D475A, is powered by the Komatsu SAA12V140E-3 engine, a low-emission diesel engine with turbocharging and air-to-air aftercooling. Provides high power and torque for greater productivity.

Blade Capacity, Bulldozer has a large blade capacity. It has an operating weight of approximately 108,600 kg and a blade capacity of 26.8 cubic meters (35.1 cubic yards). This allows for efficient handling and transport of large amounts of material.

Durability, the D475A is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions. It features a heavy-duty undercarriage with advanced components such as durable track shoes, track rollers and idlers. This ensures long-term performance and low maintenance costs.

Operator Comfort, The machine is equipped with a large and ergonomic operator cabin. It provides a comfortable working environment with excellent visibility, low noise levels and advanced control systems. This helps reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

Advanced Technology, D475A incorporates advanced technology for improved performance and efficiency. It includes features such as Komatsu Variable Geometry Turbocharger (KVGT) for emissions reduction, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system and automatic transmission with torque converter lock-up for better fuel efficiency.

Transmission, The D475A features a Komatsu TORQFLOW transmission with three forward and three reverse speeds. The transmission is electronically controlled and ensures smooth and efficient power delivery.


Komatsu D475A features
Komatsu D475A features


Other specific information of Komatsu D475A


Operating Weight: The operating weight of the D475A ranges from approximately 104,500 kg to 107,840 kg depending on configuration and optional attachments.

Fuel Capacity: The D475A’s fuel tank has a capacity of approximately 1,850 liters (488 gallons), allowing for longer run times between refueling.

Ground Pressure: The bulldozer is designed to distribute its weight over a wide area to minimize ground pressure. The D475A’s ground pressure varies depending on configuration but generally ranges from 110 kPa to 127 kPa.

Ripper Attachment: The bulldozer can be equipped with a single-handle ripper attachment to break up hard materials such as rock or hard soil. The ripper attachment can be raised and lowered hydraulically.


Komatsu D475A specific information
Komatsu D475A specific information




Overall, the Komatsu D475A is a powerful and reliable bulldozer suitable for large-scale earthmoving projects. It offers high productivity, durability and operator comfort, making it a popular choice in the construction industry.

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