CAT D10N Bulldozer pulls fishing boats to the beach

CAT D10N bulldozer, Caterpillar Inc. It is a very powerful and versatile machine produced by. CAT D10N bulldozer has many usage areas, these can be listed in many sectors such as Construction, Mining, Environmental regulations, Road construction works. There are even people who use this powerful machine to tow fishing boats to the beach.


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Yes, you heard right! The CAT D10N bulldozer is even used to tow fishing boats onto the beach at Thorup, Denmark. The CAT D10N bulldozer, which appears with modifications specific to the beach, almost says that as the creativity of human beings develops, I am ready to show myself in newer sectors.


Specific features of the CAT D10N bulldozer


Engine: The bulldozer is equipped with a CAT 3412 turbocharged, direct injection diesel engine that provides a net power of 520 horsepower.
Operating Weight: The operating weight of the CAT D10N is approximately 146,000 pounds (66,225 kilograms).
Blade: Designed for heavy-duty dozing applications, it features a U-Blade with a blade capacity of 35 cubic yards (26.7 cubic meters).


CAT D10N Bulldozer Specific Features
CAT D10N Bulldozer Specific Features



Other important key features of the CAT D10N bulldozer


Ripper, Bulldozer can be equipped with a single-handle ripper attachment for efficient tearing and loosening of materials.
The transmission has a three-speed, powershift transmission that provides smooth and efficient operation.
Track System, The bulldozer is equipped with a high-tensile track system that offers excellent traction and stability in a variety of terrains.
Operator Comfort, the CAT D10N offers a comfortable cab with ergonomic controls and improved visibility to increase operator comfort and productivity.
Technology, keep in mind that older models like the CAT D10N may not have high-tech features like GPS or telematics found on newer models.


CAT D10N Bulldozer Features
CAT D10N Bulldozer Features

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