Caterpillar D11R’s powerful engine pushes the giant rock easily

The Caterpillar D11R Bulldozer is a large and powerful construction machine designed primarily for earthmoving and land clearing operations.


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Caterpillar D11R can easily push large-scale excavations or a giant rock in front of it without any difficulty, with the power it receives from its 770 Horsepower engine. However, another issue that should not be forgotten is that the fuel consumption that will enable a 770 horsepower engine to move will not be low at all.


Important specific features of the Caterpillar D11R


Weight: The weight of the D11R is approximately 104 tonnes (229,280 pounds) without any add-ons.
Engine: Equipped with a Caterpillar 3508B V-12 diesel engine with a volume of 35.7 liters and a net power of 770 horsepower (567 kW).
Blade: The bulldozer has a front-mounted blade that can be used to push and move large amounts of material. Wing capacity varies with the specific configuration, but can generally range from 23.4 to 25.9 cubic meters (30.5 to 33.9 cubic yards).


Caterpillar D11R specific features
Caterpillar D11R specific features


Other key features of the Caterpillar D11R


A ripper attachment can also be found on the rear of the D11R, used for breaking up compacted surfaces and digging trenches. The ripper usually has three handles and is hydraulically controlled.
Tracks, The Bulldozer features a track undercarriage with heavy-duty track shoes, providing excellent traction and stability even in difficult terrain.
Cab, Operator station is designed for comfort and productivity; Ergonomic controls offer air conditioning and excellent visibility to optimize operator efficiency and safety.


Caterpillar D11R features
Caterpillar D11R features




Note that these features may vary depending on optional attachments or configurations. Caterpillar D11R is a powerful and reliable machine widely used in mining, construction and large-scale earthmoving projects.

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