Volvo EC700C Excavator Moves to Work Area to Show Off Its Powerful Features

The Volvo EC700C is a heavy-duty excavator manufactured by Volvo Construction Equipment. It is designed for demanding construction and mining programs, offering high performance, durability and efficiency.


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Volvo EC700C Excavator has a powerful engine, advanced hydraulic system and a large and comfortable operator cabin. The workplace is equipped with a variety of attachments and technologies to increase productivity and safety.


Specific Features of Volvo EC700C Excavator


Engine: Volvo EC700C is equipped with the powerful D16E EAE3 Volvo engine to deliver high performance. This engine has 6 cylinders and produces 336.5 kW of power. Additionally, the engine is known for its fuel conversion and low emission levels.

Bucket Capacity: EC700C’s Bucket capacity is suitable for large construction and mining projects. Thanks to its 5.16 m³ bucket capacity, it achieves high scraping power and fast cycle times, which increases productivity.

Dimensions: Volvo EC700C Excavator measures 12.2m in length, 4.28m in Width and 4.85m in Height.

Weight: The weight of the Volvo EC700C Excavator is 71.7 t.



Volvo EC700C Excavator Specific Features
Volvo EC700C Excavator Specific Features

Other Important Features of the Volvo EC700C Excavator


Hydraulic System


Hydraulic Advanced system offers precise control and high lifting capacity. This allows you to easily lift and place heavy loads.


Operator Cabin of Volvo EC700C Excavator


The spacious and comfortable operator cabin of the Volvo EC700C provides convenience even during long working periods. Good looks, ergonomic controls and sound and volume reducing features increase the operator’s latitude.


Security Features


Volvo designed the EC700C with safety in mind. Features such as emergency situation control, backup camera and various sensors are used to ensure cost to the operator and the environment.


Ease of Maintenance


It offers the comfort and low operating costs of the EC700C. Accessible systems, fast service access and long maintenance intervals increase business continuity.


Volvo EC700C Excavator Features
Volvo EC700C Excavator Features

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