Komatsu WA900 Wheel Loader with a Weight of 116.4 tons

Komatsu WA900 Wheel Loader is a large wheel loader designed for heavy-duty applications in mining, quarrying and other demanding areas. It offers high levels of productivity, solutions and operator comfort. The WA900 is equipped with a powerful engine, advanced hydraulic system and a spacious cabin with ergonomic controls. It has a large bucket capacity and strong breakout force, allowing materials to be loaded and transported efficiently.


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The loader also features a variety of safety features and enhanced technologies for increased performance and efficiency.


Specific Features of Komatsu WA900 Wheel Loader


Engine: Komatsu WA900 is equipped with a powerful SAA12V140E-7 engine to deliver high power and performance. This engine has 12 cylinders and produces 672 kW of power. It also has special technologies developed for fuel efficiency and low emissions.

Bucket Capacity: WA900 has a large bucket storage capacity of 13 m³, so more material can be loaded and it takes less time.

Weight: The weight of the Komatsu WA900 Wheel Loader is 116.4 tons.


Komatsu WA900 Specific Features
Komatsu WA900 Specific Features


Other Key Features of Komatsu WA900 Wheel Loader


Hydraulic System of Komatsu WA900 Wheel Loader


Equipped with advanced hydraulic system for high efficiency and precision. This system provides fast and powerful Bucket Movements and has fast lifting capacity.


Operator Comfort


Komatsu WA900 Wheel Loader offers a comfortable working environment for the operator with a large and ergonomic cabin. The cabin is designed to minimize noise and sound options and is equipped with a user-friendly control panel.


Security Features


WA900 has various safety features for operator and environmental safety. These include features such as a rearview camera, emergency and flash suppression system.


Technological Advances


The WA900 features a variety of technological options to increase performance and efficiency. These include automatic load connections, fuel management and telematics systems.


Komatsu WA900 Features
Komatsu WA900 Features

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