Transportation of 125 Ton Liebherr 984 Excavator. Surprise tunnel obstacle on the route

The 984 series, which was first introduced by Liebherr in 1988, continued to improve itself over the 35-year period and managed to make its customers happy in every version. The 984 series excavator, which has different tonnages in each version of the series, has now reached its latest version, the 984 C Series, with a weight of 125 t.


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Transportation of heavy tonnage excavators such as Liebherr 984 Excavator to construction sites is provided by professional teams. Transporting an excavator of this tonnage is really not easy. Especially the underpasses encountered on the route are very difficult for transportation if there is no alternative route. In these cases, there is no other option than to circle around the excavator and wish for luck so that there is land to cross the tunnel.


125 Ton Liebherr 984
125 Ton Liebherr 984

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