Excavator Loading in Low Bed Truck By Experience Operator

Before trailers with elevator systems were available, excavators were loaded onto low-bed trucks directly or straight from a certain height. However, after trailers with elevator systems were found, excavators began to be easily loaded onto trucks.


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Loading into low-bed trucks was done in two ways. Loading the excavator directly from a certain height was used as the safest method. The other method was achieved by pulling the excavator upwards by supporting the excavator’s bucket from the back of the low-bed truck in city centers where the ground was asphalt. When the pallets were halfway loaded onto the trailer, this time the bucket would be turned upside down, applying pressure to the ground and allowing the other pallet to be loaded on the outside. This process is a very risky and old method compared to trailers with lifts, but it can still be used today.


Excavator Loading
Excavator Loading

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